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A first in Belgium: seven leading players sign cooperation agreement for the transport of hydrogen
The climate target to reduce CO2 emissions in Belgium by 80% by 2050 compared to 2005 levels is a major challenge. Hydrogen has an important role to play in the mix of solutions to achieve results. That is why Deme, ENGIE, Exmar, Fluxys, Port of Antwerp, Port of Zeebrugge and WaterstofNet are joining forces. A joint study serves as a basis to coordinate delivery of concrete projects that shape the production, transport and storage of hydrogen.
ENGIE strengthens its local roots in Belgium and reviews the governance of Electrabel to create more openness
Johnny Thijs and Etienne Denoël join the Board of Directors of Electrabel SA as external directors. Johnny Thijs becomes Chairman of the Board.
LRM, City Lommel, Nyrstar and ENGIE inaugurate Kristal Solar Park, the largest solar park in the Benelux
The mega-solar park, with a capacity of 99.5 MW, is an initiative of the Limburg investment company LRM, the city of Lommel and Nyrstar. The installation was done by ENGIE Fabricom, who will also be responsible for the maintenance of the solar panels for 15 years.
The 22nd Offshore High Voltage Station leaves the ENGIE Fabricom yard in Hoboken
In a few days the 22nd Offshore High Voltage Station (OHVS) built at the Hoboken yard of ENGIE Fabricom by the consortium partners ENGIE Fabricom, Smulders and CG, will sail towards its destination to the Norther offshore wind farm. This offshore wind farm, a project by Elicio, Eneco & Diamong Generating Europe, is the largest of the Belgian coast and will provide power to close to 400,000 households. It’s being built 23 kilometres off the coast of Zeebruges. Anually the wind farm will produce 1.4 billion kWh renewable energy.