ENGIE in Belgium

ENGIE is the Belgian market leader when it comes to sales of electricity, natural gas and energy services. The business offers its residential, professional and industrial customers innovative solutions for more economical, considered energy usage and greater comfort. Being an innovative producer of green energy, ENGIE produces electricity close to its customers, thanks to diversified production facilities with low CO2-emissions. ENGIE employs 7,000 experts in energy and energy services in Belgium.

ENGIE aims to take the lead when it comes to a carbon neutral transition, i.e. offering customers, companies and local communities the means to easily achieve an energy transition at the lowest possible cost. In Belgium, ENGIE is leading the field in terms of the transition to a carbon neutral future and has all areas of energy expertise in-house: energy production, optimisation of consumption, maintaining the most complex installations, engineering and construction, and implementing projects.

Key Figures

10.000 MW production capacity

2,7 million customers

150 year presence in Belgium

210 wind turbines

80 social projects supported

720 MW renewable energy capacity

72% CO2-neutral capacity

335 experts in research and innovation

*Figures 2023



ENGIE achievements and projects of 2022