ENGIE, supporter of our paralympic athletes for 20 years

Since 2003, ENGIE and the Belgian Paralympic Committee have joined forces to enable all people with disabilities to participate in sports.

A historic partnership

The partnership between ENGIE and the Belgian Paralympic Committee (BPC) plays a crucial role in the promotion and organization of adapted sports, while supporting Paralympic athletes. With its two regional leagues, the Francophone Handisport League and G-Sport Vlaanderen, the Committee offers unique competition opportunities to athletes while raising awareness about the importance of disability sports

For ENGIE, this partnership goes beyond sports support, embodying a strong commitment to youth inclusion through sports, one of its major action areas. By collaborating with disability sports leagues, ENGIE strengthens its support for youth and actively contributes to a promising future for young Paralympic athletes.



ENGIE Talent of the Year

Every year since 2012, a promising young Paralympic athlete has been awarded the ENGIE Talent of the Year at the annual Paralympic Sport Awards ceremony, recognizing their perseverance, hard work, and determination. 

ENGIE is proud to present this award, and even prouder when we have the opportunity to follow some of these athletes in their journey towards the Paralympic Games. Four of our talents are working tirelessly to qualify for the Games: Tim Celen (cycling), Laurens De Vos (table tennis), Tatyana Lebrun (swimming), and Selma Van Kerm (athletics). We hope to cheer them on soon at the Paris Paralympic Games, and we will continue to follow their progress.

Selma Van Kerm, athlete and ENGIE Talent of the Year 2022

Since her childhood, Selma Van Kerm has been passionate about athletics. Determined, Selma has never backed down from challenges despite her right hemiplegia. She continues to push herself to achieve her dream: participating in the Paralympic Games in Los Angeles in 2028. Meet Selma and encourage her to keep pushing her limits!

Tim Celen, cyclist and ENGIE Talent of the Year 2015

Discover Tim Celen, triple MT2 (tricycle) world champion. Tim began his international journey in 2015. Since then, he has accumulated an impressive list of achievements: 3 world titles, 1 European title, 5 World Cup victories, and 2 medals at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. Find out here how it all started for Tim and what his ambitions are for Paris '24!

Tatyana Lebrun, swimmer and ENGIE Talent of the Year 2020

Meet Tatyana Lebrun, para-swimmer. Affected by Larsen syndrome, Tatyana overcomes obstacles to excel at the highest level. Upon her arrival in the Francophone Handisport League, Tatyana wins four medals, including two gold and two bronze, at the European Youth Championships, and she does not intend to stop there. Discover Tatyana’s beautiful story and get carried away by the emotions!

Laurens De Vos, table tennis and ENGIE Talent of the Year 2014

At just 18 years old, Laurens Devos conquered the world by winning the world title in Celje, Slovenia. Since then, he has dominated the Paralympic scene, holding titles as Paralympic, European, and world champion. His career is punctuated by numerous successes, including his historic gold medal at the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016, where he became the youngest Paralympic gold medalist in history. In addition to his on-field accomplishments, he has been honored with prestigious awards, such as the Paralympian of the Year title awarded by the ITTF and recognition from the Belgian sports press. Get to know Laurens and its family and discover his dreams for the future!

Overview of the winners of the ENGIE Talent of the Year