Our strategy to accelerate the energy transition

Belgium has ambitious objectives concerning energy: to meet the increasing energy needs of Belgian residents and companies and to reduce its CO₂ emissions. To help Belgium meet these objectives, we have developed a new strategy: #ENERGIZE2030

ENGIE wants to be a sustainable partner for Belgium, helping to accelerate its energy transition. To achieve this, ENGIE plans to invest €4 billion over the next five years in three areas: renewable energy, flexible capacity and reducing our customers' CO₂ emissions. ENGIE also recognizes its responsibility for the extension and decommissioning of its nuclear power plants, regarding safety as a top priority. 

In this way, we can provide sustainable, reliable and affordable energy for future generations, for our companies and for ourselves.

Accelerating our renewable energy rollout

The demand for green energy is already greater than the available local supply and this demand will only increase. As one of the largest producers of renewable energy in Belgium, ENGIE wants to help reduce the gap between supply and demand, and continue to invest in large-scale wind and solar energy projects. In this way, we want to amount to lower CO₂ emissions and lead Belgium towards a low-carbon future.

Onshore wind turbines

By 2030, ENGIE plans to double its current onshore wind capacity from 570 MW to 1,000 MW.

Offshore wind turbines

By 2030, ENGIE plans to increase its offshore wind capacity to 1,000 MW.

Solar panels

ENGIE has set itself the goal of tripling its current solar capacity to 300 MW by 2030.

Investing in flexible capacity

The increase in renewable energy production is a positive evolution, but it also comes with its own challenges: fluctuations in the energy system when, for example, there is no sun or wind. To account for these moments of low production, there is a need for additional flexible capacity that can be quickly switched on and off, such as the Coo power plant, thanks to its ability to start up in less than 2 minutes. 

To reach the goal of 5 to 6 GW of flexible capacity by 2030, ENGIE not only plans to invest in its own production facilities (new gas-fired power plant in Flémalle, new battery projects etc)  but will also explore and optimise the flexibility potential of his clients.

Guiding our customers in reducing their carbon footprint

Understanding and advising our customers has always been at the heart of our business. It is thus logical that it plays a key role in our new strategy as well. We want to offer customized solutions that are not only energy-efficient, but also meet our residential and industrial customers’ expectations in terms of comfort, convenience and affordability. 

Renewable electricity is a cornerstone of our strategy, but not all processes can be powered by electricity. We also need green and low-carbon molecules to decarbonize industrial processes. Through our expertise, available sites and other assets, ENGIE is in the best position to innovate and develop specific projects for green and low-carbon hydrogen and biomethane.

ENGIE is also committed to guiding its customers in their transition to low-carbon mobility by designing tailor-made energy solutions.

ENGIE is meeting its commitments in the extension and decommissioning of its nuclear power plants

ENGIE is currently working on two historic projects in energy history: the extension of the operation and the decommissioning of its nuclear power plants. 

As a responsible operator, ENGIE remains committed every day to maintaining nuclear safety at all times, ensuring safe production with maximum availability. ENGIE is making every effort to get Doel 4 and Tihange 3 back on the grid by November 2025, and to keep the critical path and cost of the decommissioning program under control.

Remaining an attractive employer of 7,500 energy experts and any future talent

To remain an employer of choice for current and future talent, ENGIE focuses on three areas: safety, corporate social responsibility and talent recruitment for various projects in Belgium.

Safety is a priority

The safety and well-being of our 7,500 employees, both physically and mentally, is our top priority.

Corporate Social Responsibility

ENGIE values diversity and inclusion and is committed to supporting the well-being of employees and communities through various programs and initiatives.

Talent recruitment

We are regularly looking for new talent for our various operations. We offer our employees a unique set of professional challenges and competitive fringe benefits.

Press release

ENGIE has the ambition to lead the acceleration of the energy transition in Belgium. It aims to reach this objective by helping industries and citizens to consume better, by accelerating the development of renewable capacities, by investing in flexibility and by developing low carbon gases. ENGIE is determined to be the privileged partner for the country and places the challenges of the energy transition at the heart of its 2030 strategy: #ENERGIZE2030.

Articles and press releases

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ENGIE and Solarge install largest circular solar installation at SABIC in Genk

ENGIE, Solarge, and SABIC have joined forces for a groundbreaking solar installation of 2.4 MW at the SABIC site in Genk, Belgium. What makes these solar panels unique is that they are 100% circular, weigh much less than traditional solar panels and are produced by Solarge in the Netherlands using SABIC materials. This project is a true milestone: never before has an installation of this size been built with these panels anywhere in the world.
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Code Red action: objectifying the debate

The Red Code organization organised four days of action against ENGIE in early July 2023. ENGIE respected the freedom of speech and demonstration, but considered it important to conduct the debate based on objective elements.

Among other things, the claim that ENGIE is the most polluting company in Belgium is factually incorrect. Code Red also made wrong assumptions about ENGIE's strategy and activities.

Below are some elements to counter their arguments:

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11 bijkomende projecten gesteund door de Stichting ENGIE in 2023-2024

Op 14 juni hebben de Stichting ENGIE en haar Selectiecomité 11 innoverende en duurzame projecten geselecteerd. Ze lanceert dus 11 nieuwe partnerschappen. Deze projecten liggen in de lijn van de 2 missies van de ENGIE Stichting in België, namelijk de integratie van jongeren via onderwijs, cultuur en sport en de bescherming van het milieu.
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ENGIE signs an agreement with the Belgian government on the extension of Tihange 3 and Doel 4 nuclear reactors and all obligations related to nuclear waste