ENGIE is looking for YOUng professionals

Are you a student or young graduate and ready to discover a career that not only fuels the world but also sparks your professional growth? Are you hungry to help shaping the energy landscape of tomorrow? ENGIE is the place you are looking for! Join us on a journey where curiosity meets opportunity.


Opportunities as a STUDENT

ENGIE welcomes students from all educational backgrounds


Looking for an internship that is in line with your field of study and enriching you as an individual? 
Look no further!

  • Develop your (non-) technical skills
  • Benefit from excellent mentoring and experts with know-how 
  • Build a professional network 
  • Duration of the internship is flexible
  • Option: short, observative internship
Anton Vandenplas

During his study Bachelor Electromechanics, he was working as an intern at ENGIE Nuclear.

“However I was not a student-by-example, I had a clear, intrinsic interest for electromechanics. Personally, the biggest advantage of doing my internship at ENGIE was the fact that I was able to develop my skills on-the-job and to concretize the topics I learned at school. The practical translation of theory gave me the insights I was looking for as a student”.
After Anton finished his studies, he became part of the Nuclear team in Doel.

Our offer for students

Dual Learning

Ready to blend theoretical insights with practical experience?

ENGIE can make it work! 

  • Turn your theoretical knowledge into practical experience
  • A solid collaboration between you, your school and ENGIE
  • The duration of this traject is flexible
Vincent Doggen

Vincent studied Bachelor Electromechanics and experienced dual learning at ENGIE.

“Theory and practice, these are not two different things. But you better start from practice to learn theory, to turn it back into practice. It's an ongoing interaction. Because I already have had large electrical diagrams to use when disconnecting of machines, I look very differently to the theory lessons I now get at school about it, confirms Vincent. “I was able to do the same actions as other students but in the port of Antwerp instead of safe laboratories at school.”
After his traject of dual learning, Vincent joined ENGIE as an employee.


Writing your bachelor or master dissertation about an industry-related topic and looking for business support? 

ENGIE is able to support you!

  • Research a relevant topic that brings value and impact!
  • Count on mentorship and guidance from a business point of view
  • Connection with the industry to enrich your research
  • We prioritize discretion and professionalism

Opportunities as a GRADUATE

ENGIE welcomes graduates from all educational backgrounds.


Join ENGIE as a trainee to discover the world of the energy transition! 

  • Develop your fresh talent in different challenges
  • Open-ended contract, learning possibilities and ownership guaranteed
  • Duration traineeship: 2 years with different missions of 6 months 
Féline de Pandelaere

Féline worked as a Management & Operations trainee at ENGIE.

As a trainee at ENGIE, Féline gets a new position every six months for two years, with formation. Féline worked in cogeneration plants in the port of Antwerp. "Cogeneration is the joint generation of heat and electricity within the same process," she explains. "This is more economical than traditional, separate power generation. The combination of opportunities and challenges to contribute to a greener future motivates the engineer in me. A traineeship at ENGIE enables me to explore the versality. I was really impressed by the impressive sites where I experience and learn a lot!”

Your first job

Are you graduated and looking for your first professional challenge?

At ENGIE, we have some interesting junior opportunities for you to be part of the energy transition!

  • Enjoy different training programs
  • Take ownership and make a real impact
  • Diverse and inclusive culture
  • Work-life balance
Matteo Menschaert

Matteo graduated as a civil engineer electromechanics, started his first job in the “Renewables” department after his traineeship traject at ENGIE.

“I was allowed to be responsible for the engineering of a pilot project in which we directly connect our wind turbines in the port of Ghent to fast-charging poles, a first time for ENGIE as well as for the energy transition. The result exceeds all expectations. The number of refuelling operations is four times the predetermined targets. As a young starter, it is also very motivating to see that such a project is really there six months later. That is the advantage of working for a large and solid group like ENGIE.” 

Our offers for graduates

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