ENGIE is looking ahead to 2030. Accelerating the energy transition and offering sustainable, reliable and affordable energy


ENGIE has the ambition to lead the acceleration of the energy transition in Belgium. It aims to reach this objective by helping industries and citizens to consume better, by accelerating the development of renewable capacities, by investing in flexibility and by developing low carbon gases. ENGIE is determined to be the privileged partner for the country and places the challenges of the energy transition at the heart of its 2030 strategy: #ENERGIZE2030.

ENGIE Group surveyed 10,000 Europeans on their understanding of the energy transition last month, including 1,000 Belgians[1]. The results showed that Belgians, more than other Europeans (42% vs. 37%), look to major energy players such as ENGIE to guide them through the energy transition. They fear more than other Europeans (48% vs. 30%) that this will be a threat to their purchasing power.

To meet the needs of its 2,8 million Belgian customers, and with the goal of becoming Net Zero Carbon by 2045, ENGIE plans to invest up to €4 billion by 2030 in focused priority areas.

Vincent Verbeke, CEO of ENGIE Belgium: 

The energy transition is unstoppable and ENGIE wants to help accelerate it. Belgium is a country strategically located in the heart of industrial regions. It is an important energy hub within European markets. Today for electricity and natural gas, tomorrow for renewable energy and low-carbon gases. Together with its customers and partners, ENGIE is building the carbon-free, reliable and affordable energy system of tomorrow.

Accelerate the development of renewables: aiming for 2.0 to 2.5 GW by 2030

The demand for green energy already exceeds the available local supply and this will only increase in the coming years. By 2030, ENGIE ambitions to: 

  1. double its onshore wind capacity from to 1 GW. 
  2. expand its offshore wind capacity to reach 1 GW by 2030 including the participation in the upcoming tender for the Princess Elisabeth Zone in the Belgian North Sea. 
  3. triple its solar capacity to 300 MW.


Invest in flexible capacity: aiming for 5 to 6 GW by 2030

The increase in renewable energy production requires additional flexibility. For this, ENGIE is optimizing its existing flexible asset portfolio and developing new assets: 

  • Gas-fired power plant in Flémalle of 875MW
  • Battery park in Vilvoorde of 200MW
  • Expansion of the Coo pumped storage power station
  • Additional battery parks 

In addition, ENGIE has the ambition to unlock 1 GW of demand flexibility among customers. For example, electric vehicles can be flexibly charged or even return their energy when needed, thereby functioning as one large battery.


Accompany customers on their energy transition journey

ENGIE wants to deliver green and low-carbon energy to its clients. 

First, it will use its renewable and flexible portfolio to deliver green and low-carbon electricity to its clients.

In addition, green and low-carbon gases are also needed to decarbonize industrial processes. For this purpose, ENGIE is selectively developing green and low-carbon hydrogen projects (e.g. the H2BE project of 1 GW), and new biomethane activities (0.4 TWh per year).

Furthermore, ENGIE is constantly developing products and services to offer its customers personalized advice on electrification, energy efficiency solutions and different heating types, such as heat pumps.


About the nuclear program

Next to these priorities, ENGIE is also safely implementing two historic energy projects: the extended operation of the Doel 4 and Tihange 3 nuclear power plants and the decommissioning of the other nuclear power plants. 


Focus on people and social impact

With its new #ENERGIZE2030 strategy, ENGIE aims to create even more added value for Belgium while maintaining its competitiveness. This strategy will be implemented by ENGIE’s 7,500 colleagues, each of them contributing to the security of supply while reducing the company’s impact on the climate.

Want to know more about #ENERGIZE2030? Read all about it on our website: 



[1] “From Challenge to Opportunity: Acting Together for a Successful Energy Transition”, European study by ENGIE in collaboration with Fondation Jean-Jaurès.

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