The ENGIE Foundation

For years, the ENGIE Foundation has been committed to benefiting the most vulnerable and, more recently, to a sustainable future.

The ENGIE Foundation wants to be an active local player for the future of our youth and our planet

For almost 30 years, the ENGIE Foundation has been committed to benefiting the most vulnerable. It gives children and young people the confidence to grow up by supporting integration projects through culture, sports and education.

Since 2013, it has also guided and supported Belgian projects that impact tens of thousands of children in Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders. In our country, the Foundation has already supported 101 projects and given wings to more than 95,000 children from the 3 regions to fly.

This support to children is in line with the Foundation's philosophy: children will build the world of tomorrow and giving them the energy to act is vital for the future of the planet.

In recent years, the ENGIE Foundation has evolved to take into account new challenges such as access to energy for all and the fight against global warming. Which environmental projects are eligible for support from the ENGIE Foundation? Projects that raise public awareness of environmental issues, biodiversity, environmentally friendly mobility, the circular economy, reducing greenhouse gases, etc. Like supporting children, these topics are crucial to the future of our planet and its sustainable growth.

Through two calls for projects a year, the ENGIE Foundation supports various associations. However, this support is not only financial. ENGIE also puts its expertise and that of its employees at the disposal of associations. For a free energy audit, help in organizing a press conference, contact with other patrons.... The assistance can also be material (loan of equipment, free tickets to shows, events, museums, etc.) The projects must be carried out by non-profit organizations and operate in Belgium. They must have a systemic effect on a large number of people and this effect must be measurable.

The ENGIE Foundation is part of ENGIE's social responsibility policy.



Who can submit a dossier to the Foundation ENGIE?

Every Belgian association that calls for the integration of children and youngsters through education, sports and active culture. The project for which support is applied, has to be rolled out in Belgium. selection criteria for projects that want to be supported by the Foundation ENGIE. 


Who selects these projects?

The Selection Committee meets once or twice a year. This committee consists of employees of the Group ENGIE and external people from civil society.


Is the support limited in time?

The partnership lasts for a year. After those 12 months, it is evaluated and if possible, extended.


Do you wish to submit a project? Find out how to write your application to be effective and how to submit it to the ENGIE Foundation. Note that the next call for projects will close on March 31, 2024.


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