ENGIE and Fairwind join forces to develop small wind turbines

ENGIE and Fairwind announced today that they have formed a partnership for the marketing and operation of small wind turbines. With a capacity of between 10 and 50 kW, the Fairwind wind turbines are ideal for SMEs and farms. This partnership enables ENGIE to enhance its offer of green and innovative solutions for its B2B customers.

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Press release

Fairwind – a major player and trailblazer in this field – builds and installs low-power, vertical-axis wind turbines, ideal for SMEs and farmers. These wind turbines can reduce electricity bills by 10 to 30%, with green energy generated and consumed locally. The Fairwind wind turbines are built in Belgium and are 100% recyclable. The biggest Fairwind model, with a capacity of 50 kW, peaks at 30 metres and generates 110 MWh a year, equivalent to the consumption of 30 families, thereby preventing the release of 44 tonnes of CO2 a year. This partnership strengthens Fairwind’s position as the benchmark Belgian manufacturer and operator for this type of wind turbine.

In late 2016, ENGIE launched its ENGIE Sun4Business solar panel offer for business customers. With the addition of the Fairwind wind turbines, ENGIE now offers a full range of B2B solutions for decentralised green energy generation: photovoltaic, cogeneration and small wind turbines, which will eventually be complemented by storage solutions. As Belgium’s top generator of green energy, with 17,000 professionals in the country, ENGIE is demonstrating through this partnership its ambition to lead the energy transition by providing its customers with sustainable and innovative solutions.

Philippe Van Troeye, CEO of ENGIE Benelux: “The partnership and the new Fairwind offer are part of a major transformation of the ENGIE Group, which aims to be the benchmark for the energy transition. ENGIE is actively working towards achieving this goal with its 17,000 professionals in Belgium and by encouraging synergies between its subsidiaries – in this case, ENGIE Electrabel for the marketing and ENGIE Fabricom for the electrical connection. By adding Belgian Fairwind wind turbines to its offer, ENGIE intends to play its role as a local leader of the energy transition to the full and would like its customers to benefit from its teams’ expertise so that they can reduce both their energy bill and their environmental footprint.”

Philippe Montironi, CEO of Fairwind: “This partnership is not only a recognition of our expertise but it also enables us to benefit from a high-quality commercial network. The energy sector is changing. Generating one’s own energy is no longer a problem and, soon, we will be able to store it as well. Fairwind wind turbines offer green and local generation for more than 20 years after they are installed.”

More information: For companies that want to generate their own green energy.

ENGIE press contact:

Tel.: +32 2 501 56 89
E-mail: olivier.desclee@engie.com

Fairwind press contact:

Tel.: +32 475 23 30 63
E-mail: philippe.montironi@fairwind.be

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