ECS opens a new building site simulator in Schoten

The new site simulator will be officially inaugurated on Thursday. This new simulator underscores ECS’s ambition to remain the reference company for conventional and nuclear safety training.

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Press release

Alongside gaining theoretical knowledge, learning how to behave safely in practice is crucial. In the site simulator, course participants learn what to do in connection with specific activities in a nuclear power station or on an industrial site. Experienced ECS trainers help them analyse their own behaviour.

Different target groups and sectors

The courses offered by ECS in the new site simulator focus, among other things, on the nuclear sector, the petrochemical and chemical industries, maintenance and industrial electricity. Their target group is not limited to on-site employees. Engineers and other actors involved in the design phase can also learn in the site simulator, e.g. how well their plans work in practice.

The site simulator provides a variety of training opportunities in the safety culture domain. An important component of the simulator is a lifelike simulation of a power station. The safety rules governing some nuclear activities can also be learnt. The courses also cover exercises with pumps, electrical installations and other applications in the simulator as well as exercises on how to deal with work permits. Such a permit bundles all the guidelines to be followed to safely perform certain tasks, so it is particularly important for employees to interpret and apply it correctly. Finally, the site simulator is the perfect tool for training security staff.

Initially, there will be 15 trainers working in the new site simulator, which represents an investment of 300,000 euros.

About ECS

ECS is a company in the ENGIE Group. The shares in ECS are split between ENGIE Cofely (50%) and Belgonucleair (50%) via its parent company, Tecnubel.

ECS originated in the nuclear sector. In 2014, in addition to covering radiation protection, it set up its own training and exam centre. In 2015, ECS launched a third activity, Safety Support, which seconds employees trained as prevention advisors or security coordinators to its clients on a project basis. Within various nuclear companies, ECS is in charge of taking control measurements of various materials at sites, as well as of performance management, inventory assistance, the analysis and/or storage of radioactive materials, and supervising and advising employees in controlled areas. ECS is also a recognised exam centre for Safety Checklist Contractors (VCAs) training courses and most hazardous tasks undertaken by VCAs.

ECS training courses take place at four different locations, in Schoten, Villers-le-Bouillet, Geel and Lokeren. The company has 80 employees and in 2016 generated an annual turnover totalling 7 million euros.

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