Cozie shores up its position on the energy services market

Following its merger with Marke-based Ongenae Daniel & Zonen in April 2017, Cozie, the start-up established in Ghent with ENGIE’s support, has just acquired Stallaerts (Lennik) and Hardenne (Moerbeke-Waas).

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The company now has 97 employees and is active in the provinces of East Flanders, West Flanders and Flemish Brabant. By 2020, Cozie wants to become a major player in energy efficiency and optimisation solutions geared towards private housing and apartment buildings. Customer service and comfort are Cozie’s top priorities.

A start-up that wholly dovetails with ENGIE’s strategy

The energy sector is changing radically. The movement we see today is a real revolution, not just a simple transition. In the future, we will not generate or consume energy the same way we do today. This dynamic is characterised by the decentralisation of generation facilities, the reduction of CO2 emissions, and the digitisation of energy solutions.

Wanting to step up its transformation in this rapidly changing environment, ENGIE is focusing in particular on new developments in activities that emit little CO2 and integrated solutions for customers. In 2016, the Group launched an ambitious programme intended to make investments totalling €15 billion by 2018, plus a €1.5-billion investment in digital solutions. The Group has also rolled out a €15-billion asset rotation programme.

The creation of Cozie is completely in line with this investment plan and in keeping with ENGIE’s aim to lead the energy transition in Belgium by offering its customers a range of innovative, digital products and services in addition to supplying energy.

A start-up offering innovative, digital services

With a view to becoming a key player in the energy transition, the start-up Cozie was founded in early 2017 within ENGIE to offer energy efficiency and optimisation solutions.

The April 2017 merger with Ongenae Daniel & Zonen (Courtrai) was the first major milestone in the start-up’s expansion. Bert Resseler, CEO of Cozie, and Danny Ongenae, Cozie’s COO, are shareholders in the start-up, along with ENGIE.

To serve its customers, ENGIE Electrabel has long called on the expertise of various heating-installation companies, including Ongenae Daniel & Zonen, a long-standing partner. Cozie and Ongenae then decided to take their cooperation to the next level by pooling their activities under the Cozie brand.

For three generations, Ongenae Daniel & Zonen has been a recognised actor in heating, sanitation and solar energy facilities for both the residential and industrial markets. The company is based in Marke. Incorporating Ongenae into Cozie allows the company to further expand, primarily thanks to Cozie’s expertise in digital technologies.

By focusing on digital technologies, this start-up wants to shake up the existing market of heating and energy efficiency solutions for private individuals. Cozie strives to create lasting added value for its customers based on a fast, digital, smooth service. Its offer predominantly revolves around the installation and maintenance of high-efficiency boilers, the installation of solar panels and insulation, as well as other services and products that provide customers with enhanced comfort as well as the opportunity to reduce their energy consumption. The range will ultimately be expanded to include smart boilers and financing models that simplify investment for customers.

By utilising digital applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) throughout its customer relationships, Cozie can offer a quick, efficient and user-friendly service, meaning that quotes can be drawn up remotely, and a large amount of data on customers and their homes can be tracked and collected in an archive to further improve service levels. Customers will also be actively involved in finding the best ways to boost the energy efficiency of their home. To this end, Cozie works with a Cozie Coaches system whereby a customer always has the same point of contact within the company, further enhancing service quality.

A start-up strengthening its position thanks to two new acquisitions

By 2020, Cozie wants to become a major player on the Belgian market for energy efficiency and optimisation solutions geared towards private housing and apartment buildings. To this end, the start-up intends to combine its energy and digital know-how with the technical competencies and expertise of experienced installation companies.

Following on from Ongenae Daniel & Zonen, Cozie recently purchased Stallaerts (Lennik) and Hardenne (Moerbeke-Waas). Thanks to these acquisitions, Cozie is now active in three provinces (West Flanders, East Flanders and Flemish Brabant) and has 97 employees in total.

Like Ongenae, Stallaerts and Hardenne specialise in heating, solar panels and sanitation and are renowned in their field of activity.

For the past 11 years Hardenne has specialised in the installation, repair and maintenance of heating systems, heat pumps and ventilation systems. The company has over 7,000 satisfied customers. Hardenne also specialises in bathroom renovations. Service quality and durability are the top priorities of Hardenne’s 23 employees.

Founded in 1932, Stallaerts has been run by the same family for three generations now. Since they took over the reins in the early 1980s, Dani and Rudi Stallaerts have tirelessly worked to make their company a success and prove their commitment to the profession. From the very beginning Stallaerts purposefully focused on a single activity, namely central heating, with the support of top-quality products and excellent technical expertise. The company has its own 15-strong assembly and maintenance team that maintains the facilities of over 4,500 happy customers.

Cozie also wants to develop its range of products and services to fulfil its customers’ needs and expectations. To this end, it is currently working with EnergyVille to develop a digital energy audit tool. This tool will be operational in early 2018.

Bert Resseler, CEO of Cozie, says: “We are delighted to be able to call on the expertise and considerable experience of the companies we have just acquired. Thanks to the complementarities we have discovered, we can pool our strengths to offer even better services to our customers. By digitising our processes, customers will really be at the heart of our efforts to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.”

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