How do you submit an application to the ENGIE Foundation?

The mission of the ENGIE Foundation in Belgium is to give wings to children and young people who are looking for their way in life. Since 2022, the ENGIE Foundation wants to contribute to the future of our planet by supporting projects related to the preservation of the environment and the fight against global warming. Do you have a project close to your heart? Here is the procedure for submitting a file to the ENGIE Foundation.

1. Browse the checklist of important criteria to be selected

First of all, it is important to check that your project meets the 9 eligibility criteria for projects supported by the ENGIE Foundation in Belgium.

  1. The project must align with the ENGIE Foundation’s mission: 

- A project for the inclusion of children and young people in difficulty through education, sport or culture.
- A project aiming at a positive impact for the environment, in the fight against global warming 

2. The organisation and project must be rolled-out in Belgium.

3. The ENGIE Foundation's support is not intended to be structural. The financial independence of the project must be aimed at in the long run. In this context, 3 points are important in your file:
- The request for support cannot exceed 50% of the total budget of the project
- The aid cannot be used to finance operating costs
- If the request serves to cover personnel costs, special attention will be paid in our analysis to the project's capacity to continue its activities after the end of the support granted by the ENGIE Foundation

4. It must be possible to justify at least one accounting year. The association must therefore have existed for at least one year.

5. The other partners in the project must not be competitors or hostile to the Group or the ENGIE Foundation

6. The application must allow the Selection Committee to evaluate the impact of the project, to identify the public of beneficiaries and the number of people impacted by the association. Monitoring indicators and quantitative objectives are required.

7. It must concern a long-term project. It must not involve a one-off event (trade fairs, internships, conferences, events, galas, etc.) that has no connection to the support program.

8. The project may not be used solely for the purchase of real estate and/or the renovation of existing infrastructure, except if it allows to accompany the structure towards carbon neutrality.


2. Fill in your application online

Visit the ENGIE Foundation portal: Home - Fondation ENGIE ( Create your profile, then complete your application. 

We advise you to be as authentic as possible: a touching, moving, sensitive, human application will always have more impact than a simple factual description. See also our precious advice for preparing your application.

Good to know: you have the possibility to save your file in progress and rework it at another time. It is possible to add attachments.


3. Present your project to the Selection Committee

After a pre-selection round, you will be notified by email whether your project has been approved. 

If your application is inspiring, impacting and responds to the axes that the ENGIE Foundation pursues, you will be invited to present your project to the Selection Committee.

The Selection Committee meets once or twice a year. It is made up of experts from the ENGIE Group and external persons from various sectors within civil society. Find out more about its members here.


4.  Is your project selected?

If your project is selected, you will engage in dialogue with the Foundation to establish how the project can be developed. Signing a contract makes the mutual engagement official.

Has your project been rejected? The members of the Foundation's Selection Committee will clarify why they rejected the project.

The ENGIE Foundation in a few figures

The ENGIE Foundation in Belgium has been active since 2013 and has already supported 101 associations and more than 85 000 children. whether in Brussels, Wallonia or Flanders. Since 2022, it also supports projects related to the protection of the environment in Belgium.

Please note that the next call for projects will open in mid-February 2024 and close on March 31, 2024.

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