ENGIE Ways of Leading (EWOL)

Recognising that good management is the cornerstone of a healthy and successful business, the ENGIE Group recently launched the ENGIE Ways Of Leading (EWOL), applicable to all executives.

The principle of this model is to support ENGIE's strategy, but also to define clear expectations in terms of executive behaviour and to strengthen employee engagement.


But what specifically are the EWOLs?

These are five key principles that define ENGIE's working culture. In short, they are our values.


Doing what we say and saying what we do.  Lead and inspire teams, stakeholders and customers by leading by example, communicating and acting transparently.


Promote a culture of shared interests, respect and caring within our teams, improve well-being at work and practice skills development and constructive feedback.


Apply strict standards for employee health and safety, secure assets, ensure our (cyber) security, integrity and reputation and integrate a 'zero tolerance' culture to ensure our 'licence to operate'.


Implement ENGIE's strategy based on the ENGIE Ways of Working (WOW), driven by creating value for ENGIE and its customers, leveraging the diversity of ENGIE's people.


Clearly and precisely define our objectives and responsibilities to our teams and stakeholders, give employees and teams the tools to succeed, and organise stimulating and frank discussions.



These 5 key principles define the leadership culture at ENGIE. By respecting and embodying the corresponding behaviours, managers enable ENGIE to be the leader in Zero Carbon energy and give their employees the tools to be "Transition Makers".