A sunny future for Umicore in Bruges thanks to ENGIE's new solar panel installation

At the end of 2019, the Umicore site in Bruges was fitted with 1943 solar panels, to produce an output of 660 kWp. This prevents 274 tons of CO2 per year. The solar panels were financed by ENGIE Sun4Business and installed by Eoluz.

Success of the third-party investor solution

ENGIE Sun4Business aims to stimulate the installation of solar panels on roofs and to simplify the process. Françoise Sotiau, Project leader at ENGIE Sun4Business: ‘With the third-party financing solution, ENGIE takes care of everything. We are responsible for the design, financing, follow-up of the installation and its maintenance for the first 10 years. Thereafter, the customer becomes the owner of the installation. This system means that we can realise our ambition to make solar energy more accessible in Belgium. And, so far, it’s been a success: our objective of 60 MW of solar panels in 2020 will be achieved and possibly surpassed. This is thanks to the many different projects, such as the one for Umicore.’

The collaboration on renewable energy in Bruges was nothing new for ENGIE and Umicore. In October 2019, ENGIE and Umicore announced the first industrial ‘second life’ battery system at the Umicore site in Olen. Further evidence, if any were needed, that sustainability is high on the agenda for both partners. Read more about the project here.