The slag heap of Hénâ - Disposal of the coal ash

The slag heap of Hénâ is composed of coal combustion residuals of the former coal-fired power plant at Les Awirs. Over the years, all necessary measures have been taken to ensure the stability and safety of the slag heap.

History of the site

The slag heap of Hénâ is located in Les Awirs, a sub-municipality of Flémalle The site was originally comprised of two large valleys, which were home to the Hénâ Creek and the Fagnes Creek. In 2002, ENGIE Electrabel decided to completely remove the slag heap, after an independent external study showed that this was the only definitive solution in the longer term.


An ambitious and responsible project

A project in 3 phases


The objective: to gradually restore the site to its original state, by developing a new green zone, while ensuring the safety of the site in the long-term.

The work, which began in May 2015, is divided into 3 phases:

• Preparatory phase, i.e. setting up the equipment required for the removal of the slag heap.
• Removal of the coal ash via a covered conveyor belt to the Awirs site and transport by boat to the Belgian cement industry.
• Redevelopment of the site and dismantling of the equipment.


The quality of life of local residents


Right from the start of the project, we have implemented an impressive series of measures to reduce the nuisances of this project. The solution with the lowest impact was chosen over other less optimal solutions (transport by truck, different routes, etc.).

Some sixty recommendations included in the environmental impact study or requested by the local authorities have been implemented in order to limit the project’s impact. Among other things, we are taking measures to limit noise pollution and void dust off-site.

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