ENGIE is looking for a lot of new colleagues

Where will you be based?

  • Probably in a workplace in your region, ENGIE is widespread.
  • In a workplace where passion for the job is key.
  • In a working environment where health and safety is paramount.

What do we offer you?

  • You will help build tomorrow's low carbon energy system.
  • You get room for development and lifelong learning.
  • You will be surrounded by passionate and diverse colleagues.

What else should you expect?

  • A broad salary package, benefits and flexible work options.
  • Career opportunities and promotion.
  • Work security.

Get inspired by our employees

Davy Verschueren - Technician

ENGIE takes account of me as a person

Davy worked at ArcelorMittal for a while, but switched to ENGIE. He currently works there as a technician at the Knippegroen power plant (Ghent).

"If my colleagues and I do not do our preventive maintenance work properly, the machines will break down and our power plant can shut down. That would have a huge economic impact. So what we do really does make a difference. Furthermore, I value ENGIE as an employer with an eye for the people factor. It’s a very human enterprise that takes my family situation into account."

Evy Hesters - Company Supervisor

It feels good to know that you are leaving the nuclear power plant safe

Evy had already been introduced to the nuclear power plant when she had a temporary job as a lab assistant some fifteen years ago. She responded to a vacancy for supervisor and in June 2021 she commenced a one-year training programme. In the meantime, she has been declared “fully qualified” as a supervisor.

“Supervisors are the eyes and ears of the nuclear power plant. Some technical baggage is certainly a bonus, but you learn a lot during the training anyway. My job is an optimum combination of working independently and in a team. And thanks to the six-shift system, I can balance work with my family life. The salary package is great, but for me the factors that make the difference above all are the variety, the collegiality and the open communication at ENGIE.” 

Roeland Schelfaut - Process Operator CHP

The freedom in organising my tasks suits me down to the ground

“When ENGIE organised a job day at the Doel nuclear power plant, I went there to learn more. I thought it was a unique experience, but the tightly defined functions there appealed to me somewhat less,” Roeland recalls. He also met the person in charge of the CHP department. “That was certainly my thing! I applied and started working there in 2011 as an I&C officer in the CHP department. In 2018, I made the switch to process operator. I am responsible for the operational follow-up of various installations at large industrial customers: organising stoppages, making the installation safe, detecting and rectifying causes of shutdowns, etc. I enjoy the variety and autonomy! In this job, you have to feel at home in all technical markets and that suits me." 

Stephen Bracke - Technician

I was amazed at how much mechanics is needed to produce electricity

“At my very first job application, I was already hired," says Stephen. “I was able to work at ENGIE as a technician in the Ghent port area. A year later, I was transferred to the Knippegroen power plant, which burns the process gases from neighbouring ArcelorMittal for energy production. I gained a great deal of practical knowledge about mechanics through one of the ‘pumping’ training courses. Outsiders would be surprised to know how many mechanical applications are involved in electricity production, because people really underestimate that. I also like the variety between the office work and the technical work.”