At ENGIE we believe in harmonious progress. We believe that we can join forces to consume better, consume less and at the same time have a positive impact on the health and well-being of citizens. ENGIE is active in several sectors, from industry to smart cities, from homes to renewable energy.

Projects and realisations

ENGIE guides its customers in relation to the carbon neutral transition, using its know-how regarding electricity, energy, mechanics, cooling techniques, and industrial applications. Find out how we do it here!
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Hot off the press! Keep up with the latest developments in our company. ENGIE is active in a broad range of domains.
In Belgium, ENGIE has 280 experts and highly qualified researchers all working on tackling the challenges of the carbon neutral transition. They come up with solutions which enable energy to be produced and consumed in the most efficient and environmentally respectful manner. For a carbon neutral world.
Making the carbon neutral transition accessible to everyone - individuals, businesses, cities, communities - is our goal. We all need to consume and produce energy differently. That is why ENGIE positions itself as THE driving force behind this energy transition revolution.
Our services
ENGIE’s ambition is to become the world leader in carbon neutral transition for its customers, in particular businesses and local authorities. Our services unite individual interests and collective challenges across the entire energy value chain.
How does ENGIE want to realise its ambition to become a leader in the carbon neutral energy transition? By innovating. That's why ENGIE - in cooperation with its partners - is working on the development of new technologies and services to meet the challenges of tomorrow in the field of energy, mobility and smart cities.