Solar panels

ENGIE offers solutions for the installation of photovoltaic panels for businesses and private clients.

For businesses

Installing solar panels offers a business a whole range of advantages. It becomes less energy-dependent and is covered - either fully or partially - in terms of fluctuations in electricity prices. It is also a significant step on the road towards the energy transition and limiting CO2 emissions. Now that the environment and energy savings are high on the agenda, it is also a chance to promote and reinforce the company’s 'green’ image.

ENGIE is one of the pioneers of the solar panel market. Since 1992, we have specialised in the installation of industrial systems for businesses and governments. We also provide financing solutions for solar panels. Over the past 25 years, we have installed over 280 MWc in Belgium and abroad. We also maintain 190 MWp across 350 sites!


For private clients

In collaboration with our partner Sungevity, ENGIE also offers private individuals the chance to install solar panels. On the basis of a satellite analysis of the roof, we carefully calculate how large the installation must be in order to provide the energy you need. From quote to installation and maintenance; we take care of everything! Two added benefits: customers can choose payment by instalments and enjoy ten years of guaranteed income thanks to the range from SunSure (if the promised returns are not realised, ENGIE will refund the difference).