In 150 years, Tractebel ENGIE has become one of the world’s largest engineering consultancies. Across all continents, the company offers multidisciplinary solutions in domains such as energy, water, nuclear energy, and infrastructure (buildings, mobility...) which all fulfil the challenges of both today and tomorrow. The objective? Making concrete contributions towards sustainable, competitive and reliable projects.

ENGIE will guide the customer and offer enormous added value throughout the lifetime of a project. We will take care of strategies and the action plan and conduct studies focusing on the design and its social and environmental impact. We will also examine feasibility and pre-feasibility prior to commencing implementation and the operational phases If necessary, we can also take care of dismantling and renovating the sites.

Our services

Critical commercial installations
ENGIE has many years of experience and specific competencies in operating and providing technical maintenance for critical installations for data centres, airports, hospitals, etc. Our priorities? Reliability and scalability in order to support your activities and reinforce your competitive advantage.
Alternative renewable energy
Producing energy without CO2... At ENGIE, we are constantly investigating innovative technologies so that we can become less dependent on energy sources that contain carbon and increase the production of green energy. We not only invest in the solar energy sectors and in production from wind energy, but also focus on the development of other renewable energy sources...
Our solutions for financing your projects
Renovation, improved energy efficiency, new-build... ENGIE offers businesses and local authorities the necessary solutions to finance all these projects.