Consider the safety of your business during your holiday

ENGIE offers a range of solutions, via its subsidiaries, to eliminate worries while you are absent or the business is closed.

Integrated solutions to prevent burglary and theft.

Businesses are always a promising target for burglars, not just on building sites, but also in the offices. There is a range of precautionary measures, such as simple prevention measures to secure access points, but also monitoring and alarm systems. It may be wise to use a security firm or specialist in this situation. An effective anti-theft insurance policy is vital but, as always, it’s even better if you don't need to use it. ENGIE offers a range of security technologies and systems which can be combined within a single solution to provide an integrated approach.


Fire safety

A coffee machine that has been left on, an electrical short circuit, or waste and packaging can all constitute a fire-risk. A small spark is enough to cause major damage. Given the fact that you can't predict every potential issue, it is much better to work on a preventative basis, raise awareness among your staff, and fit an integrated fire alarm with smoke-detectors and a powerful extinguishing system.
ENGIE is constantly investing in the latest technologies in order to supply the most effective smoke and fire-detection techniques. TUI is an example in this context.  The aircraft hangar at Brussels Airport had special limitations on fire-detection and fire-fighting equipment.


Electrical problems

The consequences of electrical disruption can be extensive and sometimes very serious. No businesses are completely immune to electrical interruptions but the risk can be avoided. That is why it is important to draft a checklist for electrical safety for your business and follow a few simple tips, such as turning off devices that won't be used during public holidays. Where possible, the easiest method is to turn off the main switch in the meter cupboard.


Water leaks

A leaking tap, a running toilet or a pipe that has been burst by the cold weather can cause major damage, and lead to extremely high costs. If your business shuts down during the holidays and your economic activity does not need water, you can completely avoid the risk by turning the water off at the meter.

ENGIE offers a range of measures that can help you keep your business safe, so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday!