Cozie and EnergyVille-VITO launch Homefit

How can you optimise energy consumption in your home? Cozie and EnergyVille-VITO have the answer – the Homefit energy report! The tool for requesting a Homefit report was launched today in East and West Flanders, giving people in these provinces the opportunity to very quickly receive renovation advice without involving any site visits.

The Homefit report provides a straightforward overview of the most suitable renovation options for a given home, as well as indicating how much the owner could save on their energy bills. Homefit is also completely free of charge and scientifically based. It is an easy, free way to give users an idea of the most useful improvements they can make to their home. It was launched today in East and West Flanders, and will be launched in the other provinces over the course of 2018.

Belgium is home to many old buildings in need of a full energy retrofit. Individual users are also often looking for specific home-improvement tips to reduce their energy bills. With Homefit, Cozie and EnergyVille-VITO are striving to meet these needs and support public and private stakeholders in the transition to a sustainable urban environment.


Personalised advice in two stages

Those wanting a Homefit report receive a personalised energy renovation report in two stages. The first comprises a report listing possible home improvements based on information provided by the user. In the second stage, a user can, if they so wish, request a non-binding telephone call with a Cozie coach to ask for completely tailor-made advice. They can also directly ask for offers for completing the renovation work.

The tool is completely free of charge, pools all necessary information in a central location, and can provide a renovation report based on scientific data without involving any site visits.


Unique in Belgium

Energy audits are not new, though most of them are based on the static characteristics of a home and do not take into account the number of residents or their behaviour. Homefit is the first, and currently only, online energy audit tool that allows users to perform their own personalised energy audit based on scientific algorithms. The tool is open to all consumers, whether Cozie customers or not.

“Homefit from Cozie and EnergyVille-VITO is based on both the physical characteristics of a building as well as its users. We link these data to the best renovation options, usage models and energy performance models for each home. As such, we provide an accurate, lasting and scientifically based renovation report”, explains Leen Govaerts, Unit Manager for Smart Energy & Built Environment, a VITO research group within EnergyVille.

According to Bert Resseler, CEO of Cozie, “There are often multiple opportunities to save energy in a home, but it is not always easy to know where to start. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with EnergyVille-VITO and the development of Homefit, customers can quickly and easily receive personalised energy advice. With Homefit, Cozie intends to help its customers optimise both their energy consumption and their comfort.”


Launch in East and West Flanders

The tool was launched today in East and West Flanders. It is currently available in these provinces alone and will be launched in the other provinces over the course of 2018.


About Cozie

Cozie is a Ghent start-up that wants to give a digital boost to the existing market of heating and energy efficiency solutions. Cozie strives to create lasting added value for its customers based on a fast, digital, smooth service. Cozie was founded in 2017 in collaboration with ENGIE and already has 97 employees. The company has sites in Flemish Brabant, East Flanders and West Flanders. By 2020, Cozie wants to become a major Belgian player in the development of energy efficiency and optimisation solutions geared towards private homes and apartment buildings, predominantly revolving around the installation and maintenance of high-efficiency boilers and the installation of solar panels and insulation.


About EnergyVille

EnergyVille is a collaboration between the Flemish research institutes of KUL, VITO, imec and UHasselt in the field of sustainable energy and smart energy systems. Our researchers provide expertise to industry and public authorities on energy efficient networks for a sustainable urban environment. This includes, for instance, smart grids and advanced urban heating and cooling networks.

EnergyVille is striving to become one of the top five European institutes in innovative energy research. As such, the centre has been involved in major national and international networks from the outset. It conducts research and development, organises training and implements innovative industrial activities, all under one banner and in close cooperation with local, regional and international partners.

EnergyVille wants to be a driving force behind the Thor science park in Genk in the fields of research, business development and job creation. The research centre is supported by the city of Genk, the Flemish government, the province of Limbourg, LRM, Nuhma, POM Limburg and the European Structural Funds.