The ENGIE Foundation opens the door to culture for all

Since 2013 the ENGIE Foundation has supported a range of projects, especially cultural projects, geared towards helping children and young people. Sésame and Singing Brussels Cantania are two major Brussels-based institutions that enjoy the Foundation’s support and offer outreach programmes designed to open participants’ eyes to the world and the arts.

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Culture is a terrific tool for improvement, expression, and openness to others. However, many disadvantaged youths find it difficult to access museums, concerts, shows, and so on.

By supporting projects that promote culture-based integration programmes, the ENGIE Foundation is working towards its own major goal: act for the good of children and young people. This is how the Foundation fully takes on the social responsibility of a company with close to 20,000 employees in Belgium, where everyone feels they can get involved.

“Thanks to these programmes, many young people regain their self-confidence and dare to assert themselves by being expressive, creative, and unveiling their talents. They are more open, more united, forge new links and prove that they are also capable of achieving great things,” says Mathieu Vandenbroecke, the Foundation’s Sponsorship Manager for projects in Belgium.

The ENGIE Foundation supports the following cultural projects, among others:

> Singing Brussels and Cantania

What if the capital began to sing? The Centre for Fine Arts Brussels (BOZAR) extends an open invitation to sing throughout the year. As part of the Singing Brussels project, four choirs within BOZAR highlight their values of diversity and cohesion, whereas the international Cantania project started as a challenge to get all of Brussels’ schools singing. A three-day training course for teachers held at BOZAR gave them a chance to get to grips with singing techniques to better teach them to pupils from Brussels’ schools, who would all come together at a colourful closing concert.

For Paul Dujardin, BOZAR’s CEO, “coexisting has never been more relevant, at a time when the real world is weakened by a range of social issues. Looking for ways to stimulate coexistence is therefore in the public interest”.

> Sésame with the Magritte Museum

The Sésame programme, the brainchild of the famous museum’s Educateam department, works with social and socio-cultural associations to offer exhibits that welcome everyone, preventing people from feeling excluded owing to economic or cultural reasons.

Demystify the museum, forge links, offer activities: alongside literacy classes, homework clubs and neighbourhood associations, children and youths are not left out and discover how to learn about the world and themselves.

The Foundation also supports local projects such as CréaDys, an art education centre for children and adolescents with learning difficulties where music, drawing and writing are becoming more than therapies; they unveil hidden talents and are the keys to freedom.

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