The ENGIE Foundation lends its support to education projects

In Belgium, the ENGIE Foundation supports 31 projects geared towards children and young people. Some are specifically focused on integration through education. There are many forms of support (e.g. programmes, clubs, training courses), as is clear from the examples of Bednet and Take Off, two associations supported by the Foundation.

Fondation ENGIE Stichting Bednet jbcIntegration through the education of children and young people has been one of the ENGIE Foundation’s priorities from day one. It encourages integration through its social, societal and environmental responsibility policy, rather than through mentoring or sponsorship.

Forge social bonds through education

The ENGIE Foundation is committed to ensuring the improved integration of young people in our society, whether through education, sport or culture. “We have always set great store by integration,” stresses Mathieu Vandenbroecke, the Foundation’s Sponsorship Manager for projects in Belgium. “Forging bonds is still key to regaining self-confidence and moving forward. Take the example of associations like Bednet and Take Off, which offer distance courses for sick children primarily with a view to restoring links with their schoolmates.”

Bednet in Flanders and Take Off in Wallonia provide children suffering from a long-term illness with IT tools enabling them to keep in touch with their class, keep up with schoolwork and have a social life. The two associations are also active in Brussels. Hundreds of children between the ages of 6 and 18 benefit from the services of the two associations.

Programmes for greater integration

The ENGIE Foundation supports an extremely varied range of education initiatives, from shelters for disadvantaged and at-risk children and young people (Le Cartel, Stappen) and motivational tools for young people who lack direction (the Bello-Belgo Foundation, Up With People) to programmes for improved teaching (Teach For Belgium).

At the selection committee meeting last December, the Foundation decided to support seven new projects among many in the field of education. These new projects, including Bijs, Kreativa and Schola ULB, aid young people with mental disabilities, psychological problems or learning difficulties. Educational support for young people who have dropped out of school will continue to be provided to give them the energy they need to grow and learn.

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