Today, you can put on a sweater and save energy

This Friday, February 17 is Sweater Day. Put on a sweater, lower your thermostat by 1°C and save 7.5% on your energy bill! An opportunity to remember that energy efficiency is something you practise on a daily basis, year round, thanks among other things to the initiatives deployed by ENGIE.

Sweater Day started in 2005 and was only found in schools, but today businesses, public authorities and institutions have adopted it too. Objective: build an international network in order to make a bigger impact on greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. In short, Sweater Day is not limited to just a single day of the year when you put on a sweater or turn the heating down by one degree. It’s an opportunity to reiterate that energy efficiency is something you practise on a daily basis.


Using less energy and using it better

Global energy demand will probably double by 2050. Even if we built more power plants, we would not be able to meet or offset the decline in fossil resources. To preserve our planet, we must use less energy and use it better, and we must improve our energy efficiency.

To that end, ENGIE and its Belgian subsidiaries are working on a daily basis for a more decarbonised, decentralised, digitalised energy system that focuses on reducing consumption. This involves developing solutions for the habitat, businesses and cities.


Promising solutions thanks to new technologies

New technologies are helping us better manage our electricity consumption. Monitoring your consumption, comparing yourself to your peers, discovering specific actions that will make it possible to optimise your energy expenditure: all of these actions involve the development of the Internet of Things, smart networks, Big Data and even artificial intelligence. There are many possibilities and the prospects are promising.

Examples? The Internet of Things network, developed by ENGIE M2M and now covering all of Belgium, will make it possible to save energy and develop new services to make buildings smarter! Or the technological developments that make it possible to store and use new sources of renewable energy as efficiently as possible, like we’re doing at Coo. Or the smart home project, which will focus on deploying a new digital tool to advise ENGIE’s residential customers about the choice of energy solutions for their homes. Not to mention tools like Optiboard (for businesses) and boxx (for residential customers) which enable users to monitor energy consumption in real time.

Would you too like to play a part in improving energy efficiency? It all begins today when you put on your favourite sweater and turn down your heating by one degree…