Safety, comfort and energy-efficiency for hospitals

Hospitals must fulfil increasingly stringent requirements with respect to comfort, hygiene, safety and the environment. They are confronted with a huge range of issues. Issues which the experts from ENGIE can help them with.

Hospitals struggle to fulfil patients’ requirements when it comes to comfort, modernity and safety while also meeting increasingly strict environmental standards. ‘Hospitals have found the situation even more difficult since financing rules changed and were regionalised at the beginning of 2019’, explains Jef Peeters, Sector Executive Health Care at ENGIE.

Construction, maintenance, future renovations, etc. all have an impact on the overall cost of ownership and must be included in the already tight budgets.


Technologies and an integrated approach

Technology and an integrated approach can support the healthcare sector in gaining a better insight into the issues regarding comfort, safety and energy-management, without losing sight of the costs.

A few examples?

In the AZ Sint-Maarten in Mechelen, a team from ENGIE have installed sustainable cooling and electrical installations. These include a geothermal heating system, cogeneration units and heat pumps. As a result, the hospital can produce its own energy and is less dependent on the grid.

The Delta Chirec hospital only uses LED lighting. ‘Thanks to this lighting, the energy bill and CO2-emissions have been reduced by 80%’, explains Jef Peeters. ‘They also offer more comfort and safety than traditional lighting.’  


Our care provision to hospitals

ENGIE takes care of over one hundred hospitals across the country. Each and every day, our experts monitor:

> the quality of the air, water and the hygiene, thanks to the ‘clean room’ services;

> energy-efficiency so that hospitals can consume energy ‘better’ and even generate local, renewable energy;

> the effective functioning of electrical installations in order to prevent breakdowns and interruptions;

> the IT infrastructure via the design, installation and maintenance of innovative, economical and environmentally-friendly data-centres.

We also replenish medical gases, manage cooling installations, calibrate measurement instruments, offer safety services, provide smart waste management services, etc.

Thanks to its expertise in the sector and the diversity of its services, ENGIE can employ an integrated, safe and reliable approach to anticipating the care institutions’ various issues with respect to energy-efficiency. It is simply a question of guiding them through their energy transition and helping them on their way towards a carbon-free future.