High level lighting for Bouillon Castle

In order to restore Bouillon Castle to its former glory, teams from ENGIE Fabricom were tasked with fitting 100% LED lighting. The feudal stronghold now shines like never before, and is also saving 80% in energy costs.

ENGIE Fabricom’s teams are familiar with the region around Bouillon. The Bastion de Bourgogne, the Maison de la Poulie and the Église des Saints Pierre et Paul are other structures in the province of Luxembourg that have been treated to a significant upgrade in terms of night-time lighting by the teams. But what do all of these projects have in common? All of the projects required the cables and lighting elements to be installed extremely discreetly in order to avoid any damage to the listed buildings.


4 km of cables, 162 LED lights

At Bouillon Castle, ENGIE Fabricom was responsible for outdoor installations and the projectors on the façades. The lighting design was crafted by Belgian company Radiance35, which specialises in lighting historical sites.

The installation comprises four kilometres of cables and 162 lighting points, all of which are LED. Compared to a regular installation, this will generate energy savings of 80%. Just as it has in the Grote Markt in Brussels, or the Belfort in Bergen.


A technical highpoint both literally and metaphorically

Even though the teams from ENGIE Fabricom already have extensive knowledge when it comes to lighting architectural buildings, they had to tackle a wide range of challenges on this job. ‘The castle is built on a rock. The façades are not accessible from the outside using cherry-pickers and the rooms are too small to work from inside-out’, explains Marc Malbrecq, a project leader for ENGIE Fabricom. “We therefore had to engage steeplejacks, who are used to working at great heights, and who were trained by our teams to fit the equipment."

Bouillon Castle is regarded as the oldest and most interesting relic of feudalism in Belgium and can now be viewed in all its former glory. It's certainly worth a visit, particularly at dusk!