ENGIE, artist of UPtimised cultural locations

ENGIE has a great deal of know-how with regard to the renovation of cultural buildings. From the Royal Museums of Art and History and the Magritte Museum, to De Munt... ENGIE always has one goal in mind: to reduce energy consumption.

At ENGIE, responsible growth is central to every sector. This allows us to take on the major challenges of the energy transition and evolve into a low-carbon economy. This also applies to cultural locations, many of which have been UPtimised by ENGIE. We also have a patronage policy in order to make ‘culture’ accessible to the most vulnerable people in Belgium and ensure Belgium is showcased throughout the world.


Examples of projects

When it came to focusing on lighting in De Munt, ENGIE Fabricom applied all its expertise to this symbolic centre. The ENGIE Group has been a trusted partner of the theatre since 1994. This support is not just about embracing creativity, it also takes on a social dimension. The social programme ‘A bridge between two worlds’ aims to offer vulnerable population groups access to culture. The programme can count on the support of the ENGIE Foundation, which plays an important role in attracting youngsters to cultural events. The ENGIE Foundation is also active, via various initiatives, in other cultural projects, including Cantania, a social-education project from Bozar, and the ‘Sesam’ programme by the Magritte Museum. ENGIE also applied a range of expertise to setting up the first large Belgian competency patronage project in the Magritte Museum; since 2008, it has also been responsible for the renovation of the former Altenloh hotel, which was built at the end of the 18th century. The Magritte Museum opened its doors in 2009.

ENGIE Cofely likes nothing better than being involved in technical management and operation. A great example of this is the MAS in Antwerp. For five years, Engie-Cofely will bear the responsibility for technical maintenance and, more specifically, for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In the Museum of Art & History in Brussels’ Jubelpark, where you can view various items of unfathomable value, the managers opted for a cogeneration power plant of 1300 kWe, which was constructed and installed by ENGIE Cofely.

ENGIE Axima and Thermoco are also at the centre of things when it comes to the UPtimisation of cultural locations. ENGIE Axima, for example, installed innovative solutions for air conditioning and energy savings in the Magritte Museum. The result? A saving of 30% on the consumption of fuels for heating! Thermoco also took care of installing heated walls in the chimpanzee enclosure at Antwerp Zoo.