Delta, sustainable hospital with pioneering technology

Three ENGIE branches faced a challenging task from Chirec: come up with a solution for the technical obstacles in the Delta hospital in Oudergem so it could take on an exemplary role with respect to energy-efficiency.

When it comes to healthcare, errors simply aren’t acceptable. To ensure the comfort of patients, without compromising on high-quality services, and with an increasingly tight budget, today's hospitals must identify optimum, sustainable solutions particularly in relation to energy, one of the biggest costs for these institutions. ENGIE fulfills these expectations by offering innovative and sustainable solutions. A great example of these is the Delta hospital in Brussels.


Substantial problems require substantial solutions

The ambitious Delta project is a huge task within the healthcare sector. The hospital is located at one of the most significant intersections in our capital city and encompasses the healthcare activities at the Edith Cavell Medical Centre and the Park Leopold Medical Centre. The site covers an area of 100,000 m2 across eight floors.

The ultra-modern hospital works with the latest technologies with respect to medicine (medical imaging, nuclear medicine, dialysis services, Accident & Emergency, and so on). It also has one of the largest operating centres in Brussels, with no fewer than 34 operating theatres. As well as being a centre of rest and recovery, it is also a location where there’s a lot of life: it has a children's day-care centre, a company canteen, and various retail outlets (optician, food shop, special shop for women and children, a snack bar, newsagents, and so on).

To fulfil the needs of such an extensive operation, while keeping an eye on efficient energy consumption,  ENGIE joined forces with colleagues from its subsidiaries, ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Axima and ENGIE Fabricom. Together, they created smart and sustainable solutions for the hospital. In their efforts, they emphasised the following priorities: safety, the availability of information for healthcare professionals via a network, the use of technical devices which are adapted to their needs, comfort to facilitate improved treatment of patients and, last but not least, energy optimisation.


Increasingly sustainable innovations are of vital importance

At the heart of the installations at the Delta hospital, ENGIE Cofely installed a huge data centre covering 190 m². This data centre controls all of the technologies. It not only takes care of overall energy management, but also controls temperatures, lighting, the IT network and patient monitoring in the operating theatre. This latter point was a particular focus area, to ensure patients were received in the best possible way and to guarantee their welfare.

The cooling technology was provide by ENGIE Axima. The hospital was fitted with an extensive unit comprising gas condensing boilers, heat pumps, high-efficiency cooling systems, free chilling, air treatment plants and solar panels intended to heat water for the sanitary facilities.

ENGIE Fabricom was responsible for the electrical/technical installations. All systems were separated from one another (power supply and electrical circuits, cooling, access control, etc.) to ensure that a single interruption could not impact upon the functionality of the entire hospital. Thanks to permanent controls, the technical teams can intervene rapidly. The building is also fitted with 100% LED lighting. ENGIE Cofely will also take on the regular technical maintenance of the hospital for the next 12 years.

The project in the Delta hospital is yet more evidence of ENGIE’s know-how in the healthcare sector. This task was not only a technological high-point but also a great example of our multi-technical approach and the perfect synergy for building the hospital of today and tomorrow.