Better energy performance for 27 schools

ENGIE Cofely went back to school and was immediately given its first task: improve the energy performance of 27 municipal and provincial schools in Liège; a total of 50 buildings. A first for Belgium.

In schools, the heating and electricity bills eat up a huge chunk of the funding. Managing consumption more effectively is no longer a luxury; it is vital. For budgetary reasons, for comfort, but also to fulfil today’s energy challenges and to raise awareness among those in charge, as well as the pupils.

A pilot project centring on energy renovation in public spaces was therefore launched in Liège. It was called RenoWatt. The municipal and provincial schools which joined the project wanted to reduce their energy bills and consumption and also shrink their CO2 footprints. To help them do so, ENGIE Cofely, pioneer of energy transition and solutions for more efficient energy usage, signed an energy performance contract (EPC) for the renovation and maintenance of 50 buildings, spread across 27 educational establishments. The EPC was a first for Belgian schools.


Smart heating and lighting

The work completed by ENGIE Cofely equated to a reduction in energy consumption between 12% to 53%, depending on the school.

The work carried out was extremely varied: installation of heat pumps, replacement of windows with double-glazed high-performance glass, insulation of roofs and exterior walls, installation of solar panels or cogeneration systems.

Some schools also had smart lighting fitted. No more lamps that stay on all evening and through the weekend! From now on, lighting will be programmed according to lesson hours. The system is also fitted with motion detectors and daylight sensors. These ensure that the lighting is switched on and off on the basis of these indicators.

Finally, systems for managing the technical installations were also fitted. The heating system can now be closely controlled on the basis of need, e.g. in relation to class capacity and external temperature. But what about parent-teacher’s meetings in the evenings? The managers can also program the system so that the heating comes on during, but only during, the meetings.


You don’t want a bad report!

Energy performance contracts are becoming increasingly common in relation to energy efficiency. ENGIE Cofely can provide all its expertise for project management, from A to Z. ENGIE Cofely will also take on the maintenance of the installations for 15 years, carry out preventative maintenance, and provide hints and tips for improvement for the duration of the contract. ENGIE is also committed to recruiting local employees, training them, and ensuring they can intervene rapidly in the event an issue arises.

ENGIE Cofely has also guaranteed lower energy consumption for the 27 schools. If ENGIE Cofely fails to achieve the target of 30% lower consumption, the company must reimburse the difference. If the school saves more, the profits are shared. So, it's a great report for everyone!