13 700 solar panels for Pasfrost

It is the largest solar panel installation that ENGIE has ever fitted on a roof in Flanders. Pasfrost, a company that specialises in frozen vegetables, now keeps its veggies cool with 13 700 solar panels.

The solar panels were installed on the roof of the frozen foods building in Pasfrost in Passendale, not far from Ypres. They have an overall capacity of 5 MW and cover a surface area of 31 500 m2. That’s the same as four football fields. The panels produce 4000 MWh per year, which equates to consumption by 1160 families. They also prevent the company from producing CO2 emissions of 1850 tons per year, equivalent to the annual emissions from 800 diesel trucks. The locally produced, green energy is consumed directly by Pasfrost and will not be injected into the electricity network. The solar panels were installed by ENGIE Fabricom, who will also take care of maintenance for the next ten years.


Many years of collaboration

This project is a new step in the long-term collaboration between ENGIE and Pasfrost in relation to energy optimisation. The Group’s research centre, ENGIE Laborelec, has been appointed as an independent expert in the context of an energy management contract which helps Pasfrost, as an industrial consumer, to lower its energy usage and consume more carefully. This contract led to the optimisation of the cooling system, the installation of a heat recuperation system, the replacement of classic lighting with LED lighting and the integration of an energy management system. ENGIE is also the fixed gas and electricity supplier for the frozen vegetables company and provides guidance with various initiatives regarding saving energy.


Vegetables produced with green energy

‘Sustainable development has been Pasfrost’s focus for years’, emphasises Anne Lafaut, director of the company. ‘Our approach and our willingness to invest in pioneering technology have made us who we are today. We constantly keep a critical eye on our activities out of respect for our company, our products, our environment and our people. We are proud of this step because our vegetables are now produced with green energy.’ 
With this new solar panel installation, Pasfrost is going a step further in its sustainable mission. This step demonstrates how driven the company is in terms of investing in renewable energy and reducing the emissions of CO2 which are the result of its activities.

This installation also illustrates ENGIE’s ambition to take the lead in the zero-carbon transition ‘as a service’. ‘We want to support our customers in realising their own energy transitions easily and for the lowest possible costs, with green, local, and efficient energy’, adds Philippe Van Troeye, CEO of ENGIE Benelux. ‘The solar installation for Pasfrost is a new example of the broad range of energy-efficient solutions that we can offer our customers.’