ENGIE in Belgium

17 000 medewerkers om de uitdagingen van de energietransitie aan te gaan

16,700 staff meeting the challenges of the energy transition

ENGIE is one of the leading industrial groups in Belgium and a reference in the energy sector. The Group has been strongly anchored in Belgium for more than a century. ENGIE employs 16,700 energy professionals, making it one of the largest private employers.


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ENGIE in Belgium
16 700


Face the challenges of the energy transition

ENGIE uses all of its research and innovation capabilities to face the challenges of the energy transition and to offer services that are ever more effective and respectful of the environment to its customers, whether they are private individuals, businesses or communities.

In Belgium, 67% of the ENGIE electricity production facilities emit no CO2. This makes it one of the lowest carbon-producing facilities in Europe and a stakeholder already highly committed to the energy transition. The ENGIE Group will be increasing this momentum even further by investing 1.5 billion euros in 3 main areas over 3 years:

  • digitalisation of energy management systems in buildings
  • mobility solutions
  • energy storage systems

This ambitious plan needs to enable the Group to position itself in the energy world of tomorrow.

In Belgium – one of the 70 countries in the world in which the Group is active – ENGIE has 8 subsidiaries, 16,700 skilled staff and over 200 researchers to meet these challenges.

Our activities

The energy transition will enable the development of a low-carbon economy. To become the leader in Belgium, ENGIE is proficient in every aspect of the energy trade – energy production for optimising consumption; research and innovation for maintaining highly complex installations; engineering for constructing and implementing your project. Take a quick look at our activities in Belgium:



ENGIE Axima designs, builds and maintains HVAC and fire protection facilities for companies and local authorities. It also specialises in commercial and industrial cooling technologies. ENGIE Axima is a player in the energy transition as it helps its customers to reduce and improve their energy consumption.



ENGIE Cofely

ENGIE Cofely helps companies and local authorities to boost their energy and operational performance. The company provides technical solutions to help them to reduce and improve their energy consumption and generate local, renewable energy. ENGIE Cofely also manages technologies and services on its customers’ premises, allowing them to focus on their core business.


ENGIE Fabricom

ENGIE Fabricom designs, builds and maintains multi-technical facilities for companies and local authorities. Many of its solutions improve mobility, safety, distribution systems and the share of renewable energies, as well as operational and energy performance in industrial environments.



ENGIE Electrabel

Market leader in the sale of energy (electricity and gas), ENGIE Electrabel also produces electricity and offers energy-related products and services to private individuals, businesses and communities. It is also the country’s leading producer of green energy. It invests in wind farms, solar energy, hydroelectricity and biomass energy. The activities are supported and optimised by energy management and trading operations of the ENGIE Group.




Tractebel ENGIE

An engineering consultancy company, Tractebel ENGIE has been offering multi-disciplinary solutions for energy, water and infrastructures for 150 years! Projects range from feasibility studies to commissioning – and decommissioning.



ENGIE Laborelec

ENGIE Labs, one of which is located in Belgium, are centres of competence and cutting-edge research in the areas of energy technology and electrical power. Their research helps improve the flexibility, reliability, efficiency, sustainability and profitability of energy technologies, for the production, transportation, distribution, storage and final consumption of energy.



Uranium enrichment, fuel fabrication, intermediary waste management – Synatom manages nuclear fuel cycle stages for nuclear power plants in Belgium. It is also involved in the decommissioning of power plants and budgets for managing used fuel.




Founded in 1999, today N-Allo is one of the principal market participants in contact centres in Belgium. It also offers services on digital communication channels such as social networks, chat rooms and the web.





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