ENGIE, Carmeuse and John Cockerill have joined forces to develop the Columbus project. Columbus is an innovative 'Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU)' project in Wallonia at the site of the ENGIE Amercoeur power plant.

It will concentrate CO2 from a new type of lime kiln and combine it with green hydrogen to produce synthetic methane. This is a renewable gas that will be injected into the gas grid and used in transport or industry.

Synthetic methane or e-methane is produced by capturing carbon and reacting it with green hydrogen. The green hydrogen will be produced by a 100-MW electrolysis unit powered by renewable electricity. This project is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It opens the door for a significant reduction in carbon emissions in Europe and the world.  

Key data


  • On the site of the ENGIE power plant at Amercoeur 
  • Electrolysis: 100 MW 
  • Up to 187 000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided per year 
  • E-methane production per year: 330 GWh 

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