Reliability of electrical installations

A power supply is essential to many sectors. A hospital or supermarket, for example, can't suddenly lose its electricity supply. A power outage not only halts production and productivity but, in some cases, can also jeopardise the safety or continuity of activities.

ENGIE does all it can to guarantee the continuity of the energy supply and ensure a reliable installation, specifically by conducting preventative checks on your installations.
Our solutions?

  • Power Quality protects your commercial process against supply interruptions, restarts, and expensive repairs. More information
  • Energy 24/24 offers technical support 24 hours a day in order to trace the cause of a breakdown rapidly and resolve the issue. Thanks to ENGIE, your activities are up and running again in the blink of an eye. More information 
  • Installation of an emergency group. In emergencies or as a preventative measure. You can hire an emergency group temporarily or buy one. We will also take care of its maintenance. More information
  • An audit of your high-voltage unit. This type of audit is mandatory but also provides an overview of your unit’s performance, in line with the safety standards, risk and the appropriate preventative measures. Don’t have a high-voltage unit?  ENGIE's experts can install and/or renovate/expand an existing installation. More information 
  • Electrical training safety. Our experienced tutors share their practical and theoretical expertise via standard courses (BA4, BA5 and High-voltage connections) or customised training. More information


Our services

Electricity networks
The multidisciplinary teams working for ENGIE have built up a robust reputation with regard to the design, installation and maintenance of reliable, top-quality network infrastructures, above or below-ground, on land or at sea.
Critical commercial installations
ENGIE has many years of experience and specific competencies in operating and providing technical maintenance for critical installations for data centres, airports, hospitals, etc. Our priorities? Reliability and scalability in order to support your activities and reinforce your competitive advantage.