ICT networks & digital solutions

We help businesses and communities to design, build or maintain their ICT infrastructures.

Telecom networks


ENGIE helps telecom operators, tele-distribution companies and large companies with the installation and management of their internal and external communication networks. Our experts create flexible networks so that the organisations are perfectly prepared for the challenges of tomorrow (fibre optics, development of WAN, antennae sites, transmitter/receiving stations, Point-to-Point, and Point-to-Multipoint connections, and so on).


Data centers


We help businesses and local authorities optimise their data centers in order to improve performance, flexibility and energy-efficiency.

A data center is much more than equipment and software alone. It is a complex infrastructure which requires expertise in relation to security, energy management and facility management. ENGIE offers global expertise for the recovery/repair of data centers. Our experts can develop evolving structures that grow with the company.

Their interventions take place in good time and without interrupting the IT systems. We do all we can to reduce your energy consumption and increase the service quality of your installations.

Our services

Critical commercial installations
ENGIE has many years of experience and specific competencies in operating and providing technical maintenance for critical installations for data centres, airports, hospitals, etc. Our priorities? Reliability and scalability in order to support your activities and reinforce your competitive advantage.