Electricity networks

The multidisciplinary teams working for ENGIE have built up a robust reputation with regard to the design, installation and maintenance of reliable, top-quality network infrastructures, above or below-ground, on land or at sea.

Our solutions

High-voltage network (from 15 to 400 kV)

Design, engineering and installation. Installation of masts and concrete poles, laying pipe-work, installing cables, carrying out guided drilling, and so on.

Medium and low-voltage networks

Public lighting networks, installation and connection of supply cables in medium-voltage units, installation and replacement of meters. 

Onshore and offshore substations

We provide the electrical equipment for large buildings and complexes, both new and renovated, for the public and private sectors alike. We are constantly seeking the most innovative and reliable solutions to ensure your building is as responsible and sustainable as possible. We are thus able to link energy-efficiency with quality, security and comfort. Examples of our all-in solutions include: strong and weak power installations, data and telecom systems and integrated and centralised building management systems.


Guaranteed installation continuity

The maintenance, management and work relating to low and medium-voltage units requires highly specific expertise. ENGIE can call upon 40 years of experience in this area in order to ensure the continuity of your installations and extend their life expectancy.

Our team of electricity experts are responsible for specific analyses and tasks. When an incident occurs, they intervene rapidly and can supply extremely accurate analyses regarding your installation.

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Our services

Technical and industrial maintenance
Ensuring that technical installations in buildings or industrial production installations function flawlessly.
Critical commercial installations
ENGIE has many years of experience and specific competencies in operating and providing technical maintenance for critical installations for data centres, airports, hospitals, etc. Our priorities? Reliability and scalability in order to support your activities and reinforce your competitive advantage.
Energy supply
ENGIE produces and sells electricity from its local, diversified production park, and sells natural gas and a wide range of energy services. Our customers? They are private individuals, professionals, SMEs, large companies and public bodies. Almost 2.71 million customers trust us to supply their energy.