Critical commercial installations

ENGIE has many years of experience and specific competencies in operating and providing technical maintenance for critical installations for data centres, airports, hospitals, etc. Our priorities? Reliability and scalability in order to support your activities and reinforce your competitive advantage.

ENGIE's service activities at critical commercial installations go much further than operational strategies and standard maintenance. They fulfil strict processing criteria which guarantee the continuity of the service and prevent unexpected and expensive interruptions. The operational and maintenance tasks involving your technical installations are only carried out by qualified and highly-trained experts.

ENGIE’s expertise with respect to critical commercial installations focuses on risk prevention:

•    risk-analyses
•    maintenance with a focus on risks
•    impact
•    application of flexible procedures
•    conformity checks
•    integration in the continuity plan
•    planning for restart of activities
•    reporting
•    traceability

Our interventions are also carried out to fit into your operational processes and emergency plan.

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