ENGIE is the European market leader and one of the top-3 world players in induction bending in all sorts of materials, including seamless or welded pipes in carbon steel and stainless steel, duplex and super-duplex, clad pipes, as well as the most complex steel alloys. To this end, we can apply advanced equipment and highly-trained personnel.

ENGIE has three production lines which bend pipes with diameters of up to 1,600 mm (64”). These production lines offer a broad range of flexibility with respect to bend radius, angle and area. The production of entire pipelines from straight pipes avoids a great deal of welding work and the corresponding costs and risks. Reducing welds in the system improves the integrity and security of the installation and fewer inspections are necessary.

Our machines are located in Grimbergen and are computer-driven, allowing us to realise small tolerances.

We work for customers from a wide range of sectors: Oil & Gas (on and offshore), (petro)chemical industry and the energy sector. We fulfil all quality and uniformity requirements to all international standards.

Our services

Gas and water networks
The multidisciplinary teams working for ENGIE can take on the design, installation and maintenance of reliable and top-quality network infrastructures, above or below-ground, for both gas or water.
Industrial and mechanical pipeline systems
ENGIE designs, (pre)manufactures and installs industrial pipelines and mechanical equipment (constructions and installations) according to the valid norms and certifications. Our techniques ensure a top-quality, safe result for new installations as well as renovations or maintenance projects.