ENGIE realises projects from A to Z, for industrial cooling processes, chilled transport, retail, hospitality and, more generally, for any companies and organisations that could benefit from our innovative solutions.

Visited a covered ice-rink or ski center recently? Then there's a good chance that we built the installation where you took part in your favourite sport or hobby. For the agricultural food industry, we are working on customised cooling and storage installations. We are responsible for the entire project; from design and assembly to management and maintenance. Our customers are constantly on the move. Our Gradius division ensures that they always have suitable, mobile cooling solutions, irrespective of the scope of the project.

At ENGIE, we have accumulated a broad range of expertise with respect to both natural and synthetic coolants. We aim to optimise the energy performance of cooling installations so that they can fulfil the requirements of tomorrow.

We offer specific and specialised cooling solutions in domains such as:

•    climate control
•    cooling and storage of raw materials and finished products
•    cooling for industrial processes
•    chilled areas and freezers
•    agricultural cooling
•    chilled and frozen tunnels
•    climate cabinets
•    cooling of storage reservoirs, reactors, distillation towers and absorption columns
•    VRV, VRF, H-VRF heat pumps
•    cool installations
•    free cooling

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Our services

Climate control and air treatment
ENGIE takes responsibility for climate control and air treatment in all sorts of buildings, irrespective of their size and the specific or multifunctional use of the spaces. Our HVAC installations fulfil 100% of the criteria with respect to sustainability and energy-efficiency.
Industrial and mechanical pipeline systems
ENGIE designs, (pre)manufactures and installs industrial pipelines and mechanical equipment (constructions and installations) according to the valid norms and certifications. Our techniques ensure a top-quality, safe result for new installations as well as renovations or maintenance projects.