Fluid and sustainable traffic, safety, alternative energy…

Lyon, ville de demain.

A well-monitored ring road around Brussels

ENGIE Fabricom has installed colour dynamic information screens on Brussels ring road and its principal approaches. 120 induction loops have also been placed in the surface of the road and a video surveillance system has been installed. Maintenance is carried out by the ENGIE subsidiary. ENGIE Fabricom has also installed Viapass detection equipment for HGVs in Belgium.

Increasing traffic flow

Project Noorderlijn provides a tram link between the north of Antwerp and the city centre. This ambitious plan will increase the number of connections for pedestrians and cyclists. A consortium that includes ENGIE Fabricom in particular looks after the development and maintenance of all the installations. The first tram on the new line is planned for 2018.

An original police truck in Antwerp

At the request of the local police in Antwerp, ENGIE Fabricom has collaborated with the city’s ICT centre to develop a unique fast response truck equipped with the latest technology – LAN network, video and audio connections, satellite, WiFi, 3G/4G, cameras, retractable wall and meeting rooms.

Preventing coastal flooding

On the coast, the residential districts of the Polders are subject to a risk of flooding up to 20 km inland. To protect residential districts and natural areas, the Flemish Minister of Transport and Public Works has commissioned a review from Tractebel ENGIE, which is coordinating the development of the safety plan.

Brussels Airport northern rail connection

Tractebel ENGIE is involved in the detailed design of civil engineering and infrastructure work for the new rail connection between Brussels Airport and Antwerp.

Safety systems for Infrabel

Infrabel invests in the most reliable railway safety systems in Europe, built by ENGIE Fabricom and Siemens. The system permanently monitors the speed of the trains, triggers an emergency stop if a train goes through a red light and sends all signalling information via the onboard computer.

Hydroelectric plants on the Albert Canal

ENGIE Fabricom, in collaboration with Hye, has overseen the engineering and construction of two innovative combined pumping and hydroelectric plants on the Albert Canal at Ham and Olen.

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