A wind farm with mainly public partners and local residents

The municipality of Modave and ENGIE Electrabel are working on a wind farm in which the municipality and its residents invest.

16073_infomodave_fb_1200x800_fr-500x333The permit granted by the Walloon Minister Di Antonio, makes it possible to construct five new wind turbines in Modave. One of the windmills will be operated by the municipality and its inhabitants. The other four will be presented to Wind4Wallonia, the partnership of the Walloon intermunicipal associations and ENGIE Electrabel. Most wind turbines will come into the hands of the public partners and the inhabitants.

The planned wind farm will consist of 5 wind turbines of 3.2 MW. They come in Modave, especially in the hamlet “Les Trinitaires”. The project was first proposed in February 2014 to the local residents. The license was awarded in October 2015. No further appeal is possible. The partners now begin the final development of the wind farm. Work should begin in mid-2017, the commissioning is scheduled mid-2018.

The new wind farm will produce enough electricity to cover the consumption of about 10,000 households, which is 10 times more than the number of families living in Modave. The park will also avoid the emission of 15,000 tonnes of CO2.

The municipality of Modave supervises the project since the beginning to create a positive impact for the region. Therefore, the city council will invest approximately 60% in its own wind turbine. The remainder of the capital will be open to residents and other public investors. So they too can invest in this future-oriented project. The four other wind turbines will be presented to Wind4Wallonia, the 50-50 public-private partnership of five Walloon intermunicipal associations (IBW, IDEFIN, IEG, SOFILUX and IPFH that includes IDEA, IDETA and IGRETEC) and ENGIE Electrabel. ENGIE Electrabel will contribute its knowledge for the operation of the wind farm.

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