Our services

ENGIE’s ambition is to become the world leader in carbon neutral transition for its customers, in particular businesses and local authorities. Our services unite individual interests and collective challenges across the entire energy value chain.
ENGIE provides IT to airports
At Brussels Airport, the role ENGIE plays is invisible to the travellers. Its role, however, is crucial. ENGIE is everywhere at Brussels Airport: the beacons on the take-off and landing runways, maintaining the jet-bridges, the luggage sorting systems, and much more. The various entities from the ENGIE family form the perfect unit: ENGIE Cofely is responsible for maintaining the facilities which have been installed by ENGIE Fabricom and ENGIE Axima.
Consider the safety of your business during your holiday
ENGIE offers a range of solutions, via its subsidiaries, to eliminate worries while you are absent or the business is closed.
ENGIE is the European market leader and one of the top-3 world players in induction bending in all sorts of materials, including seamless or welded pipes in carbon steel and stainless steel, duplex and super-duplex, clad pipes, as well as the most complex steel alloys. To this end, we can apply advanced equipment and highly-trained personnel.
Reliability of electrical installations
A power supply is essential to many sectors. A hospital or supermarket, for example, can't suddenly lose its electricity supply. A power outage not only halts production and productivity but, in some cases, can also jeopardise the safety or continuity of activities.