In Belgium, ENGIE has 280 experts and highly qualified researchers all working on tackling the challenges of the carbon neutral transition. They come up with solutions which enable energy to be produced and consumed in the most efficient and environmentally respectful manner. For a carbon neutral world.
Sustainable alternatives for diesel vehicles – Interview with Michael De Koster
The number of vehicles on the Belgian roads increases each year, as does the level of CO2-emissions. As a leader of the zero-carbon transition, ENGIE is actively working on ‘greening’ the area of mobility; it's one of its most important strategic cornerstones. Michael De Koster, Head of Innovation e-Mobility at ENGIE, explains how ENGIE goes about this and why it is better to choose sustainable alternatives.
ENGIE gets mobility on track: interview with Filip Cocquereaux
Smart and sustainable mobility offers huge potential with respect to reducing CO2-emissions. As a leader in the energy transition and with the ‘Zero-carbon as a service’ strategy, ENGIE has worked on green mobility for many years by developing innovative solutions and expanding infrastructure, on the one hand, and offering its expertise to others, on the other. Subsidiary ENGIE Fabricom is the perfect partner within ENGIE for all major, complex and challenging mobility projects in the public transport sector. Filip Cocquereaux, Division Manager at ENGIE Fabricom, enthusiastically explains where they can make a difference.
Are the nuclear power plants of Electrabel obsolete?
Last week, Thierry Saegeman, Chief Nuclear Officer of Electrabel, went to the Federal Parliament to explain the situation with regard to the deterioration of the concrete in some of the nuclear power plants. Here’s a summary in 3 questions of what he said.
Fleet, our vision for the future
In the context of the ‘Week of Mobility’, we also made an appointment to see Gilberte Vereeken, General Manager of ENGIE Fleet and her colleague Eddy Van Dycke, Business Support Manager. ENGIE Fleet supports the entities within ENGIE in managing their commercial vehicles and company cars within the business, from the moment of purchase to the end of the life cycle. The daily experience with the management of over 7000 passengers and commercial vehicles allows the company to provide top-quality services to external customers in Belgium. In a short interview, she outlines the evolution of mobility in a future that may not be too far away...