In Belgium, ENGIE has 280 experts and highly qualified researchers all working on tackling the challenges of the carbon neutral transition. They come up with solutions which enable energy to be produced and consumed in the most efficient and environmentally respectful manner. For a carbon neutral world.
Safety, comfort and energy-efficiency for hospitals
Hospitals must fulfil increasingly stringent requirements with respect to comfort, hygiene, safety and the environment. They are confronted with a huge range of issues. Issues which the experts from ENGIE can help them with.
Outsourcing building management? This can save you up to 20%
Integrated Facility Management (IFM) ensures that businesses no longer need to worry about building management issues and user services. What remains? Their core business! A time-gain that is exceptionally valuable and which also facilitates substantial cost-savings (up to 20%). ENGIE Cofely specialises in this discipline, with a range of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ services.
Kristal Park: 3 questions to energy specialist Ronnie Belmans
On 13 June, Kristal Solar Park, the largest solar park in the Benelux, was officially opened in Lommel. One of the people in attendance was energy specialist Ronnie Belmans, CEO of EnergyVille, who provided us with his view of the energy systems of the future. Local Energy Communities. But what does that involve and what does it mean for us?
‘Our innovations lead to improved customer service’
With 6000 employees in Belgium, ENGIE Fabricom is an important operational entity within the ENGIE group, in the Benelux. This entity develops a range of activities, with research and development being the most important. This is a priority that ENGIE Fabricom regards as an investment in the long term, according to Bruno Depré, Business Development and Innovation Manager.