What can ENGIE do for you?

Find out about our projects and solutions. This way you will know how ENGIE can help you in your transition to sustainable energy solutions.
A sunny future for Umicore in Bruges thanks to ENGIE's new solar panel installation
At the end of 2019, the Umicore site in Bruges was fitted with 1943 solar panels, to produce an output of 660 kWp. This prevents 274 tons of CO2 per year. The solar panels were financed by ENGIE Sun4Business and installed by Eoluz.
Safety, comfort and energy-efficiency for hospitals
Hospitals must fulfil increasingly stringent requirements with respect to comfort, hygiene, safety and the environment. They are confronted with a huge range of issues. Issues which the experts from ENGIE can help them with.
13 700 solar panels for Pasfrost
It is the largest solar panel installation that ENGIE has ever fitted on a roof in Flanders. Pasfrost, a company that specialises in frozen vegetables, now keeps its veggies cool with 13 700 solar panels.
ENGIE provides IT to airports
At Brussels Airport, the role ENGIE plays is invisible to the travellers. Its role, however, is crucial. ENGIE is everywhere at Brussels Airport: the beacons on the take-off and landing runways, maintaining the jet-bridges, the luggage sorting systems, and much more. The various entities from the ENGIE family form the perfect unit: ENGIE Cofely is responsible for maintaining the facilities which have been installed by ENGIE Fabricom and ENGIE Axima.