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Solutions for smart, better consumption

Solutions for smart, better consumption

Tomorrow you will be consuming greener energy. Even better, you will be producing and storing it yourself! Your house will be intelligent and less energy-hungry than today. You will travel around differently by making use of sustainable mobility. You will still be just as exacting in terms of the quality of service from your provider and the prices you are offered. In short, this is the energy transition as you will experience/are experiencing it.


Refuel at home with ENGIE Electrabel CarPlug Home



boxx measures your energy consumption


Focus on our solutions

Experience affordable energy

You are looking for a fair price for your energy; we are offering you more than a competitive price. Our offer consists of three products adapted to your needs – Direct, Easy & Active. It is an offering that provides 100% green energy produced in Belgium to those who want it.

You are a private individual? Discover our offer here.

You are a professional? Discover our offer here.

Live comfortably while saving energy

Our Home Solutions range helps you live in a comfortable, warm house while enabling you to control your energy consumption.

boxx measures your energy consumption

This is the only thermostat in Belgium to provide a detailed view of your overall energy consumption – electricity and heating (gas). Thanks to boxx, energy usage is displayed in real time, in kWh and in euros! Handy for managing your budget. Finally, you can use the app to remotely control your heating and your smart plugs and lighting.

50five – connected objects tested for you

Better use and consumption of energy today requires connected objects. To guide you through the thousands of objects available, ENGIE (via ENGIE Laborelec) selects and tests the most promising ones, so you can then purchase them with peace of mind via the webshop.

Insulating and heating your home – warmly recommended comfort

Do you want a home that is well heated and insulated? Together with its partners, ENGIE Electrabel will advise you and help you throughout your insulation and heating projects. With visits, quotes, advice, solutions, suitable materials, administrative procedures, subsidies – nothing is left to chance. A turnkey service!

Home Doctor – advice that pays off

The Home Doctor carries out a full energy diagnosis on your home to increase its energy efficiency. It then gives you practical, specific advice. It even estimates the cost of any work and investments and calculates the payback periods. Helping you make the right decisions.

Guiding you through the energy transition

In working towards a lower-carbon world, ENGIE believes in decentralised production methods, sustainable mobility, digitalisation and the promotion of renewable energies. Each individual can contribute to this.

Easy production of solar power

ENGIE Electrabel, together with its partner Sungevity, offers you the ability to produce your own green energy, thanks to a tailor-made solar installation – from selecting and installing the panels to tracking consumption. Already have solar panels installed? ENGIE Electrabel can also look after the maintenance of your existing installation.

Refuel at home with ENGIE Electrabel CarPlug Home

Road traffic today is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Moving towards a low-carbon world will require a new form of mobility. ENGIE offers CarPlug, a secure plug and dedicated vehicle recharging cable for 100% electric or hybrid rechargeable vehicles.

Shared investment in local wind farms

ENGIE enables residents near its future wind farms to invest in these facilities through its cooperative Electrabel CoGreen. Every year the resident cooperative members earn a dividend in the form of a quantity of the electricity produced. To date, 17 wind farms have been opened to citizen participation.



boxx, the digital brains of your home

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Opt for solar panels


Fill up at home


Smart objects tested for you

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