Maximum services for companies through Integrated Facility Management

Ensuring the smooth operation and energy efficiency of technical equipment, making buildings smart and environmentally respectful, ensuring the safety and comfort of occupants: the solutions delivered by ENGIE Cofely’s integrated Facility Management enable companies to focus on their core business. But what is Integrated Facility Management?

ENGIE Cofely Integrated Facility Management jbc sli
ENGIE Cofely Integrated Facility Management jbc sli
ENGIE Cofely Integrated Facility Management jbc sli
ENGIE Cofely Integrated Facility Management jbc sli

Reception, mail management, catering, building maintenance, technical facility management and more. All essential services which, one, ensure optimal use of the site (headquarters, office buildings, hospitals, industrial sites, etc.) and, two, facilitate the life of occupants, collectively comprise what is known as Integrated Facility Management (IFM).

ENGIE Cofely has been active in Integrated Facility Management solutions for nearly 18 years. This business has even become one of its main growth drivers.

From ‘hard’ services to ‘soft’ services

“In Belgium, IFM’s key players are companies providing ‘soft’ services (cleaning, reception, catering, management of green spaces, etc.)”, explains Kris Michiels, BU Manager IFM at ENGIE Cofely. “These companies now want to provide ‘hard’ services, i.e. services that directly impact technical maintenance for buildings. At ENGIE Cofely, it’s just the opposite! We are expanding our technical services to include ‘soft’ services in order to offer a full range of services for buildings and their occupants. That’s our strength!”

At ENGIE, IFM already accounts for more than €40 million in turnover across some 40 contracts. The Business Unit employs more than 450 people, not including subcontractors. It contributes its experience in technical maintenance and energy optimisation, and is now adding services such as the maintenance of green spaces, waste management, surveillance and security. The idea is to offer customers a full package that covers all services they need. But there’s more…

Savings of 15 to 20%

Businesses can save by opting for ENGIE Cofely’s comprehensive IFM offering. “You can count on between 15 and 20% for a customer that outsources all of its facility services”, says Kris Michiels. “Our expertise also enables us to create value for the customer at multiple levels: reports, centralised management, innovative services, benchmarking. We aim to improve the customer’s overall performance.”

Proof of the effectiveness of ENGIE Cofely’s IFM? A nomination for the Facility Awards, for which the winner will be announced on May 11.

IFM at Johnson & Johnson and others

Numerous customers count on ENGIE Cofely’s IFM services, including, since 2012, Johnson & Johnson for its distribution centres in Courcelles and La Louvière.

ENGIE Cofely is responsible for technical work on an enormous 1,500 m² refrigerator, as well as for managing utilities (gas, electricity, water and compressed air), the HVAC system (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), as well as fire detection, intrusion detection and CCTV surveillance. It also manages minor repairs (replacing a lock, moving furniture, etc.), handles site cleaning and is involved in projects such as creating a new parking space and replacing fire doors.

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