Going into the city with you, in complete safety

Road safety, building protection, video surveillance… You probably have no idea what ENGIE and its subsidiaries are doing for you in towns and city centres.

ENGIE Fabricom beveiliging sécurité jbc sli
ENGIE Fabricom beveiliging sécurité jbc sli

Safer towns and cities? Many towns and cities today are taking preventive and safety measures to make citizens feel safer and more secure, and also improve everyone’s quality of life and well-being. To achieve this, they can bank on solutions provided by ENGIE Fabricom.

Video surveillance and road safety

What do Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent have in common? All these cities have installed or are planning to install automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) surveillance cameras. They are doing this with the help of ENGIE Fabricom, which will also maintain the equipment.

Along Flanders roads, 150 ANPR cameras enable the police to identify stolen or uninsured vehicles, and monitor low-emission urban areas.

They also measure the speed driven by motorists, to enhance road safety. Public safety is also boosted by cameras fitted to police vehicles.

The capital is taking another step forwards with the digitalisation and sharing of data by setting up a central video protection platform, also developed by ENGIE Fabricom. Its aim will be to facilitate the coordination of surveillance footage generated by the various municipal public services: police zones, Brussels Mobility and Brussels public transport (STIB/MIVB)… No fewer than 2,900 cameras are to be installed within the Brussels-Capital Region by 2018 to look after public safety.

In many other towns and cities, ENGIE Fabricom is installing other types of cameras, such as CCTV cameras which help to combat petty crime, amongst other things.

Improve better air quality in cities

The ANPR cameras do not merely have a preventive effect on road safety. In Antwerp and Ghent and soon in Brussels as well they will also be installed to improve urban air quality. How? By setting up ‘low-emission’ zones in cities. Along the most important approach roads, camera’s are installed to register the numberplates of all cars that not comply with European emission standards.

Since February 1, 2017, such polluting vehicles have been banned from Antwerp’s city centre. Brussels will follow the trend in 2018 by deploying 250 cameras for this purpose too.

ENGIE Fabricom is taking care of your safety and well-being in towns and cities.

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