First energy performance contract for a Walloon hospital signed with CHR Huy

Huy regional health centre (CHR Huy) and ENGIE Cofely have just signed the first energy performance contract in Wallonia’s hospital sector with a view to cutting the hospital’s energy consumption by over a quarter.

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What is the biggest challenge facing hospitals today? Being able to offer quality care on an increasingly tight budget and within a very strict legal framework. Doing so requires very efficient management, especially when it comes to energy, which is crucial in light of a hospital’s needs.

Wanting to improve its energy management, CHR Huy called on ENGIE Cofely (a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group) with which it signed the first energy performance contract (EPC) in Wallonia’s hospital sector.

Consume less, better and local

ENGIE Cofely will roll out technical solutions to help CHR Huy to reduce and improve its energy consumption and generate local, renewable energy. The company has pledged to cut the hospital’s energy consumption by over 26%, saving over 2,000 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Based on an energy audit, ENGIE Cofely has identified a range of improvements and works, such as installing condensing boilers, a cogeneration unit and heat pumps, and introducing centralised technical management to open dialogue between the equipment. ENGIE Cofely will also service all of the hospital’s technical facilities for the next 10 years.

The EPC with CHR Huy dovetails with RenoWatt, a pilot project striving to boost the energy efficiency of public buildings in the province of Liège and supported by the Groupement de redéploiement économique, the Walloon Region and the European Union. CHR will thus benefit from the comprehensive support provided by RenoWatt, including funding for investments.

Security, comfort, energy efficiency

ENGIE Cofely manages around a hundred healthcare institutions throughout Belgium. The company has signed several EPCs in Flanders over the past few months, more specifically with the Rekem psychiatric centre, the De Nekker recreation centre, and various buildings in the province of Antwerp.

ENGIE Cofely utilises its extensive experience in this sector, basing its work with hospitals and healthcare centres on three priorities:

  • Security: To guarantee that electric facilities operate 24/7, even when there is a power failure. ENGIE Cofely also deals with air and water quality, prevents contamination and supplies medical gases for all buildings.
  • Comfort: More specifically by setting temperatures tailored to the hospital’s services.
  • Energy efficiency: Every effort is made to cut energy consumption.

By handling the technical management of CHR Huy’s buildings, ENGIE Cofely is allowing the hospital, its 200 doctors and 1,200 employees to focus on their core task: caring for patients.

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