ENGIE shifts up a gear on electric mobility with Drive

ENGIE has stepped up a gear on the clean mobility front. How? By rolling out Drive and Drive pro, two unique preferential rate packages for electric car owners. In doing this, ENGIE has taken another step forward in the ongoing energy transition.

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ENGIE has always used its research and innovation capacity to benefit its customers and the environment. The latest proof of its dedication is a brand-new offering – the only one of its kind on the market – developed by ENGIE Electrabel: Drive and Drive pro, two preferential rate packages aimed at private and business* users of rechargeable hybrid and electric vehicles.

There are currently 10,000 electric vehicles in Belgium, with 100,000 Belgian motorists expected to go electric in the next five years. This development has not gone unnoticed at ENGIE. “The electric vehicle market is at a turning point”, says Michaël De Koster, Senior Project Manager Electrical Mobility at ENGIE Benelux. “All the barriers preventing people from buying electric vehicles are being broken down, one after the other”. ENGIE decided to innovate to get ahead of the trend.

A green, forward-looking offering

Recharging an electric vehicle means a substantial increase in power consumption, especially at night. So why not bring in a preferential rate for electric vehicle users? ENGIE Electrabel has done just that!

The Drive and Drive pro preferential packages fully meet subscribers’ electricity needs, covering both existing needs (for their home or office) and new needs linked to charging their electric vehicles. The preferential rate is not the packages’ only special feature: the electricity supplied is guaranteed to be 100% green and 100% Belgian, and its price will remain fixed for 3 years.

ENGIE and the mobility of the future

By launching Drive and Drive pro, ENGIE has consolidated its position as a trailblazer on electric mobility and taken another step towards achieving its aim of becoming the benchmark supplier for all electrical vehicle users, residential or business.

And ENGIE is not planning to stop there: a number of other services to facilitate the charging and use of electric vehicles are set to launch in the near future. In the words of Michaël De Koster, “this is a key issue for power producers like us. Cars are going to form an integral part of the power system”. Current and future electric vehicle users can therefore be sure of enjoying a broad array of innovative additional services in the years to come.

(*) Self-employed people and small SMEs whose premises are connected to the low-voltage grid and whose meters are read on an annual basis.

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