ENGIE putting its engineering masters to work at the VUB

The VUB is providing a completely new, green, sustainable, energy efficient campus, with more than 33,000 m² of accommodation, lecture rooms, cultural space and parking. In a project christened Campus XY, ENGIE Fabricom and ENGIE Axima are contributing knowledge and expertise in the areas of electricity, ventilation and heating.

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It’s been a busy end of the holiday season for ENGIE! While ENGIE Cofely has had plenty to do in 27 schools in the district of Liege, ENGIE Fabricom and ENGIE Axima are at work on the new XY campus at the Vrij Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels, VUB). The objective was to implement the maximum amount of technology, to make the buildings as sustainable and efficient as possible in energy terms.

650 rooms, 14 auditoria

“We are working in close collaboration with ENGIE Axima”, says Kurt Cortebeek, Senior Project Manager at ENGIE Fabricom. “We are busy with all the electrics, while ENGIE Axima is in charge of the ventilation, heating and heat recovery technology.” This is for some 650 student rooms, 14 lecture rooms and auditoria, a concert hall, a cultural café, several exhibition rooms, offices, a cafeteria, reception rooms…

“The biggest challenge on this site is to coordinate the various technologies being implemented”, states Kurt Cortebeek. “For example, we need to ensure that all the sanitation and hydraulics are ready in time to enable the electricity to be switched on”, confirms Bart Aras, Project Engineer at ENGIE Axima.

Green everywhere

The XY campus will be absolutely green. The installations will include, among other things, solar energy panels, motion detectors to reduce electricity consumption, powerful heating and cooling systems, and rainwater recovery systems. In addition, the architects have put the emphasis on green spaces.

“Our current technical challenge is the deployment of high voltage installation cables”, states Kurt Cortebeek. “For our part, we will soon be able to start the installation of air ducts in building I, while those in building Y are in the final phase and the five X buildings are the most advanced”, adds Bart Aras.

The end of the work is planned for late 2017, early 2018.

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