ENGIE provides long-term support to SOS Children’s Villages

ENGIE is reaffirming its social and societal commitment by again providing financial support and expertise to the charity SOS Children’s Villages through the ENGIE Foundation. The project involves the renovation of the Chantevent SOS Children’s Village, offering a home to 43 children. This will make the houses where they live both more sustainable and more energy-efficient.

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SOS Children’s Villages, a charity whose purpose is to give the most vulnerable children a home and a future, operates in 134 countries around the world, including Belgium.

The ENGIE Foundation, which has been supporting this organisation’s work since 2013, has decided to focus in particular on the Chantevent SOS Children’s Village. This Village near Marche-en-Famenne offers a home to some 40 children. Some of them have no family, while in the case of others their family can no longer look after them.

Renovation focusing on energy efficiency

Why Chantevent? Well, in the months ahead, the houses making up this SOS Children’s Village will undergo a complete renovation. This will focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. An energy audit conducted by ENGIE identified some vital measures that needed to be taken to enhance the various buildings’ energy performance:

  • insulating the walls, floors and roofs;
  • installing new high-efficiency boilers;
  • insulating the complete central-heating system;
  • installing a new ventilation system to prevent condensation and damp;
  • installing the ENGIE boxx system, making it possible to monitor buildings’ energy consumption and energy costs in real time;
  • fitting solar panels on the roofs of various houses.

However, ENGIE isn’t only providing financial support. The Group is also making the expertise and skills of its employees and partners available to ensure the sustainable renovation of the buildings and enable SOS Children’s Villages to cut its energy consumption by 30%. To this end, since May 2017 all of the renovation work has been coordinated by ENGIE and carried out by carefully selected partners specialising in sustainable renovations. The work is due to be completed in 2018.

Long-term social commitment

The ENGIE Foundation is providing a total of 250,000 euro in support for the renovation of the Chantevent Village. Launched in 2013, this structural partnership is an example of the social and societal commitment of ENGIE and its employees, because let’s not forget that almost 150 ENGIE staff members already sponsor a child cared for by SOS Children’s Villages – and last but not least, various Group employees have, in their spare time, raised the Village children’s awareness of energy and the challenges ahead in this regard. This initiative has been welcomed by all the participants and organisers.

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